Top 5 Hints for Future Homeowners



I know it can be very difficult to find the right home. I know this from my 12 years of experience in the Orlando Real Estate Industry. I have worked with thousands of homeowners and every situation is unique.

There are so many factors that one has to consider before signing that contract.

The most common concerns are school zones, public transportation, hospitals, easy access to major roads, and of course employment. What’s the traffic like at 7 am and then again at 5 pm? How long of a commute to work and back?

You want to make sure your Orlando Real Estate Agent is very knowledgeable when it comes to the specific area or community you are interested in.

When you as a buyer start looking for a home you must have narrowed it down to a specific area. This could be due to a job relocation, new job opportunities, maybe the kids are in college and you want to be closer. The list goes on… Whatever your motive is to buy a home, this will be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make.

Now that you have decided on the area, you want to pay close attention to details such as property taxes and the homeowner’s association or as we all know it, HOA dues.

This is a big factor when choosing a home, as this will have a significant impact on your monthly mortgage payments. The higher the property taxes, the higher your mortgage payment will be. You also have to remember to include the homeowner’s insurance.

The cost of the homeowner’s insurance will depend on the home. The year of the home, smoke alarms, year of the roof, basically the overall condition of the home.

Your Real Estate Agent should be able to provide you with a list of vendors in your area in order to facilitate the process.

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