• Mistakes to Avoid when Flipping a House

  •  Leadville Trail 100 Twin Lakes Abandoned CabinWith Orlando Real Estate in high demand again, experienced investors are taking advantage of these almost perfect conditions for re-habbing houses. Even new investors are turning out in record numbers to try and cash in on flipping a house. Rookie investors will always make mistakes on their first re-hab property just like I did when I first started back in 2004.

    Here’s a list of the most common mistakes made by rookies when flipping a house and how to avoid them.

    Trying to make a NON-DEAL into a DEAL

    Some investors allow themselves to be caught up by emotion. They want to buy an investment home soo badly that they rush and end up buying a house that’s over-priced because they let their emotions take over. When trying to flip a house for profit, let cold hard facts take the lead, not emotion.

    As a rule of thumb which has served me well over the years is to never, ever buy a house for anything more than 70% of the homes repaired value. Paying more than this amount can lead to smaller profits or even a loss.

    Underestimating your budget for repairs

    This is usually the most common mistake made by new investors. Another rule of thumb that I use when rehabbing a house is to take the amount of how much you think it will cost to repair the house and add $5,000.00 to it. Someone that has never renovated a house before will always under price the cost of repairs needed to get the house ready for the Orlando Real estate market. You should always enlist the help of a general contractor to give you an accurate amount of what you will spend on the renovation. You need to factor this amount into your offer before making your bid.  

    Trying to do the work yourself

    New investors tend to fall in love with the idea of themselves doing all the work. They picture themselves remodeling the bathroom, painting the whole house, re-doing the landscaping, etc. and they will be done inside of a week, just like on their favorite house flipping show. Trust me, it’s best to let the pro’s handle the majority of the work load. Your time will be better spent looking for the next deal.

    Taking too much time to complete the repairs

    For each month that you own the property there is another month of carrying costs that you have to pay. Between the mortgage, insurance, property taxes and utilities it can add up much faster than you think. Carrying costs will not only take a monthly chunk out of your profits but can also cause you to take a loss. When you sign an agreement with your contractor, make sure that he commits to a deadline in black and white. You can also try to squeeze in a clause that charges your contractor a daily fee for everyday that the project goes past the deadline. This will keep your contractor motivated to finish the job on time and keeping you on track to get the home back on the market A.S.A.P.

    Trying to Sell it on your owngreen for sale sign

    Some newbie investors tend to think that they can sell the property on their own to avoid paying realtors commissions. Big mistake! You should list the house an experienced Orlando realtor that has a proven track record in working with investors. A realtor will not only fight to get you the highest price possible, but they will also assume the responsibility of making sure that everything gets done smoothly… or they don’t get paid.

    Your goal as an investor should be to buy a house at the right price that you can quickly then turn around and sell for a profit. You should never let your emotions involved and become attached to any home. Always be willing to walk away from a potential deal, especially when it’s a NON-DEAL.