TOR 007 : Easy Exit Listing Agreement

Orlando Realty Consultants “Easy Exit Listing Agreement”  ORLANDO REALTOR PODCAST

On This Episode:
Today on the show we have Orlando Listing Specialist Jenny Zamora with us and she’s here to tell us about her easy exit listing agreement that her company uses when listing a home.

When homeowners hire a realtor to sell their home, they will always have that fear that the agent won’t be able to sell the house and it ends up sitting on the market losing valuable time. The longer a house sits on the market, the harder it is to sell.

Then the homeowner gets stuck with an agent that’s not performing and they still have to pay to get out of the contract!
“Our Easy Exit listing agreement allows the homeowner to cancel the listing at any time if the agent doesn’t perform. The best part is that there’s no fee for canceling the listing “.

“If you make an agreement to sell a home for someone, then that person just hired you to do a job… and if you can’t do the job , why should you get paid?

“I believe that the law should require every agent to use this or something similar because it’s our job as listing agents to do everything in our power to get that house sold for the client.”
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