• TOR 021 : Do You Need Movers Insurance?

  • ORLANDO REALTOR PODCASTHello and Welcome to the Top Orlando Realtor podcast , if you’ve been here before, we are happy to have you back. I’m your host John Conde and today I’m gonna address a question we recently got from a listing client of ours.”

    “After we sold her home in Hunters Creek she was moving to North Carolina and she asked us whether or not she should get movers insurance for her stuff.”

    “So I thought it would make a great topic for the show since it’s not something people give much thought to when they move.”


    Should You Get Movers Insurance When Moving To Another Home?

    1- “Most people spend weeks and even months planning the big move, but they don’t think twice about insurance…”

    2- “It’s important to know that Moving Companies Aren’t Liable for Damages…”

    3- “Insurance provided by the moving company typically pays you between 10 to 30 cents per pound of anything that breaks…”

    4- “Your homeowners Insurance usually covers your stuff as long as it’s in your house but once it’s on the truck then you’re on your own…”

    5- “If your things aren’t worth insuring then don’t do it…”

    6- “Filing a claim with your moving insurance provider is fast and easy…”


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