• 8 Signs That It’s Time To Fire Your Real Estate Agent

  • 8 Signs That It's Time To Fire Your AgentIt’s regrettable when buyers get stuck with a self absorbed Orlando real estate agent who has that too busy to listen attitude and all too eager to convince you into buying a home that you just don’t like. Buyers and sellers depend on their Orlando realtor to carry them through to the finish line. They expect their agent to be always looking out for their best interests whether it be helping them make a wise real estate investment with their hard earned cash or marketing their home so that a seller can get top dollar on the saleof their home.

    In today’s Orlando real estate market it’s just not enough for a realtor to be well qualified, they should also be a creative problem solver and able to handle any situation that arises with patience and resourcefulness. There are a million things that can go wrong with a real estate transaction on both the buyer’s and seller’s side and if your real estate agent is disorganized and unprofessional it could end up costing you thousands of dollars.  Read on to find out if it’s time to shop a new Orlando realtor.

    • Unresponsiveness

    It’s unreasonable to expect your Orlando realtor to be at your service 24/7, they should however respond to your text messages, emails and voice mails in a timely manner. Most realtors start out very strong in this regard at the very beginning of the relationship [kind of like dating].  Your agent should be relatively easy to get a hold of to address any of your questions or concerns. Having an open line of communication with your realtor could very well mean the difference between selling your home within 2 months or selling it within 8 months.

    Also, watch out for realtors who take a lot of vacations. Everyone is entitled to some time off but the agent should let you know when they’ll be out of town and they plan on staying on top of your listing while they’re away.

    • They Doesn’t Listen

    When you first sit down with your Orlando realtor it should feel like a counseling session. After that initial meeting, you should feel confident that your realtor has your best interests at heart and they’re commited to helping you to achieve your goal whether it’s to buy or sell a home. They should ask you detailed questions like “ what’s your timeframe to sell or buy?”,” Tell me about the home your selling/what would you consider your dreamhouse?”, “What’s your preferred method of communication?”, “What kind of neighborhoods are you interestd in?”

    Buying and selling real estate isn’t a sales job as much as it is a customer service or management position. The last thing you want is a realtor that behaves like he or she is a used car salesman. My advice is to 86 any agent who trots out like the winner of a dog show and tries to bully you into something you’re not comfortable with.

    • Part-time agents

    Working with a full time agent is an absolute must if you want to accomplish your real estate gaols in a reasonable amount of time. Working with a real estate agent that has another job on the side means that you’re not their top priority. You want an agent that eats, sleeps and breathes real estate and does nothing else.

    •  Inexperienced Agents

    Make sure that the Orlando realtor you choose has at least two years of experience in buy or selling houses in Orlando. You can research agents by Googling them and the company they work for. Look for any online reviews posted by past clients. Ask the agent for a resume that includes the number of transactions they’ve closed in the past six months.

    Don’t hesitate to ask your agent for references from past clients that you can contact and ask questions about them. Also, it’s always a god idea to type the realtors name into Google with the word “complaint” next to it and see what pops up. If the agent has any legitimate complaints about them, you should keep searching.

    • Your Agent Seems Unprofessional

    Being disorganized, showing up late, showing up unprepared or canceling appointments is extremely unprofessional and sends a negative message to everyone involved in the transaction which could end up costing you money. Some agents may also try to pass you off to their assistant shortly after signing you as a client. If so, you should move on to another agent. A good real estate agent should clearly layout what to expect for the buyer and seller at the very beginning of the business relationship and fullfill that promise.

    • You Feel Awkward Around You Agent

    If you feel uncomfortable around your real estate agent for whatever reason, it’s time to move on. Buying or selling a house will be one of the most important decisions of your life so it’s crucial that you feel comfortable with the agent that’s representing you in the transaction. You should also make sure that your agent is personable with other people otherwise they could end up turning off a potential buyer or seller.

    You should feel comfortable around your realtor and be able to ask as many questions as you want without feeling bad about it. Also, stay away from agents that continually try to show you homes that don’t meet your criteria just so they can be done with you.

    • Your Agent Doesn’t Do Their Homework

    When you meet with your Orlando listing agent for the first time they should have taken the time to prepare a CMA for you [Comparative Market Analysis]. This is a report which gives you a very good idea of how much your home will sell for based on similar properties that have recently sold in your neighborhood within the past three to six months. If you’re agent tries to suggest a listing price for your home without a CMA, then you say, “Ba Bye!”

    On the buyer’s side, agents should be able to assist you in getting a loan by providing contact information for a credit counselor or mortgage broker in order to help you get a loan if needed. And if you’re just not ready to buy a home yet, a good agent will be willing to wait for you and touch base with you every so often just to show you that you still matter to them.

    • Your agent shows signs of being shady

    Unclear on broker fees, talking about their other clients personal issues and overall shady behavior should never be tolerated when it comes to hiring an Orlando real estate agent. These type of agents are always looking for an angle in which will benefit them even though it can put their client at risk. This is the absolute last person on earth you want writing up a sales contract on your behalf. You get the picture, enough said on this one.

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