• 8 Things Not To Do When Selling Your Orlando Home

  • Orlando home salesIf want to sell your Orlando home fast for top dollar, there are many things to consider before putting it on the market. Working with sellers and buyers as an Orlando real estate agent since 2005, I’ve experienced firsthand what works and what could cost you the sale. These days home shoppers expect to get a good deal no matter what market conditions are.Here are list of common mistakes made by homeowners when trying to sell their Orlando home



    1- I’ll price my home high then lower it gradually until it sells.

    I see this mistake all the time with Orlando homes listed on the MLS. For some reason  some homeowners have a tendency to believe that their home is somehow worth more than every other home in the neighborhood and then price it higher than all the others.

    By pricing it higher you’re missing out on buyers looking for homes in the price range where your home should be. The end result is that the home takes much longer to sell and ends up selling at the price that it should have been listed at in the first place… or even lower.

    Your Orlando realtor should provide you with a comparative market analysis [CMA]. This is a report that shows you all of the comparable homes in the neighborhood that are for sale or have been sold. Use the CMA to help you determine what price to list your home for.


    2- Whoever buys my house can worry about the minor repairs.Orlando investment homes

    Home shoppers are looking for a deal and they will look for any excuse to try to discount the price. Some buyers won’t even submit an offer if the home needs repairs, no matter how minor they may seem to you. Fix anything that needs to be fixed, including the small things that you may think are no big deal.


    3- Curb appeal is no big deal, wait until they see the inside!

    Big mistake!…and guess what? Most buyers won’t even bother to go inside your house if it looks run down on the outside. Trim the trees, cut the grass, touch up the paint and plant a few flowers by the entrance. You only get one shot to impress them as they drive up, don’t blow it!


    4- I have to do some serious upgrading to get my house sold.

    Don’t make any major improvements to your home for the sole purpose of getting it sold. Homeowners sometimes make the mistake of thinking that if they do major upgrades like building a pool or adding a bedroom that they will automatically get a return on their investment. Not true, especially if your house is the only one in the neighborhood with a pool because there won’t be any comparable properties to yours to justify the significant increase in price that you’re looking for.


    5- Buyers aren’t swayed by small incentives

    What you may consider to be no big deal might be a huge deal in the eyes of an interested buyer. Believe it or not, offering something as simple as a 1 year home warranty that only costs a few hundred bucks could be the difference in the buyer submitting an offer or not. Speak to your Orlando real estate agent about what incentives you can offer to sweeten the deal.


    6- By not hiring an Orlando real estate agent, I can save money by selling on my own

    Selling a home will be one of the biggest decisions of your lifetime. You can lose valuable time and money by not enlisting the help of an experienced real estate agent. Real estate agents will not only take care of marketing your home and reviewing offers, but they will walk you through the home selling process from the beginning all the way to the closing of the transaction.

    Most homeowners that start out by trying to sell their home on their own ultimately end up hiring a listing agent after they get little or no results.


    7- I want to be there for all showings because no one know my house better than me

    Don’t do this! Let your real estate agent do what you hired them to do…sell your house. Buyers can sometimes feel uncomfortable when the homeowners are present and this prevents them from visualizing the home as if it were theirs. Try making it a point to not be there when your house is being shown. This will allow the potential buyers to move throughout the home freely while envisioning it as their own.


    8- It’s my way or the highway!

    Don’t approach the sale of your home as if the buyer were your enemy. Remember, the goal here is to get sell your house so be open to some negotiating. Again… let your Orlando realtor do their job by handling the negotiations. Never try negotiating directly with the buyer as emotions and opinions will certainly get in the way of what both of you are trying to accomplish… to sell a house and buy a house.

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