• Another Orlando Foreclosure Stopped In A Nick Of Time!

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    This is the story of Veronica from Hunters Creek, FL. I’m not using her real name or address because this short sale is still being processed. However, that fact that we’ve stopped the foreclosure sale a total of five times in past two years I felt was worth writing about.

    It’s the typical short sale stuff you hear from lenders. “We didn’t get the file”, “the financials need to be updated”,”the BPO came in too high”, “we’re still waiting to hear from the investors”, you name…on this file, we’ve heard them all.

    This case however, came with a bit of a twist at the end of the year. In December of 2014 everything was set to go, the bank had everything they needed including a solid offer for the price that they wanted. With a foreclosure sale date of January 20 2015, there was more than enough time to get this one closed and put it behind us.

    Out of nowhere the bank decides that there isn’t time for them to process the short sale and they proceed to close the file!!? WTF? are the only three letters that make sense here. Any realtors that specialize in Orlando short sales know exactly how frustrating this can be, especially after putting so much work into something.

    Although I’m not an attorney, after making hundreds of visits to the courthouse, sometimes I feel like one. My client was so disgruntled with the bank that she was ready to call it quits and just let the property go to foreclosure. I asked my client to allow me to give it one more try, asked her to write to the judge requesting a postponement and explain her side of the story. The judge immediately agreed and granted a hearing the following week. Since my client had to work on the day of the hearing, I just had her sign a power of attorney so that I could speak to the judge on her behalf.

    Being that we had already stopped the foreclosure sale on four separate occasions, I was a little worried to be perfectly honest. I guess the lender’s attorney assumed this would be a slam dunk and didn’t even bother to show up! This made things a bit easier for me to explain my case to the judge. It took some explaining but after working on this file for over 2 years, I wasn’t about to go down without a fight.

    After hearing the entire story, the judge decided to postpone the sale date once again! He granted us another three months to get the deal closed, March 12 2015, which also happens to be my birthday! Although we only need a few more weeks to close it, it’s nice to know we have time to spare.

    Working as an Orlando short sale realtor since 2004, I have countless stories like these. If your looking for someone to help you avoid foreclosure and short sale your home, give me a call at 407-902-7750.

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