• Choosing the Right Orlando Short Sale Realtor, A Crucial Decision

  • Choosing the Right Orlando Short Sale Agent is Serious Business

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    As short sale agents, we go through all the same emotions as the seller we are representing. Working with these lenders can definitely provoke some strong emotions such as anger and frustration at times. Battling it out with short sale negotiators is an everyday occurrance in our office. Whether we’re trying to get an offer approved on a particular property, or negotiate a “Cash for Keys” incentive for one of our clients, there is always some kind of negotiation involved, so you need to make sure that your Orlando Realtor is experienced on the battle field of  short sale negotiations.

    One of the Most Important Decisions you’ll ever have to make

    When you hire an Orlando Real Estate Agent to take on your short sale file, It’s just like hiring an attorney to represent you in some legal matter. [Except Realtors don’t charge you] The realtor you choose is going to be dealing with your lender on your behalf  which is a huge responsibility. To begin with they have to put together your entire file correctly to then move to the next steps of sending in offers, counter offers, scheduling inspections, arranging showings and the most important task of all, creating rapport and dealing with the short sale negotiator.  Sure, cash incentive programs are out there, but if you’re agent is unaware of what programs you may qualify for, than you could end up getting the short end of the stick.


    Research your Potential Orlando Agent Before signing

    Would hire an attorney if you knew that he or she had just passed the Bar exam and you were their first client. Of course you wouldn’t….Short selling a home is serious business. Fact, selling a house is one of the most important decisions a person will have to make in their life, so it’s very important that you hire an Orlando realtor that specializes in short sales. There are some key questions that you should always ask when interviewing a realtor  before you trust them with one of the most important negotiations of your life.

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