• Investing In Short Term Vacation Rentals

  • Orlando vacation resortWith the continued popularity of Orlando being one of the top choices for vacationers around the world, there’s never been a better time to invest in luxury vacation rentals!



    Each year more than sixty five million vacationers come from around the globe to see all the world famous attractions located in Central Florida.  The demand we’re seeing right now for short term luxury rentals in Orlando is huge and is getting bigger by the day.



    Water Park OrlandoToday’s modern vacationing family prefers to stay in a luxury vacation home instead of staying in an overpriced hotel. Visitors can enjoy all the fantastic amenities that come with resort style living and the comfort of a spacious and luxurious house while on vacation.




    The best part is that when you break down the costs, it’s much cheaper than staying in a hotel. Luxury vacation homes in Orlando offer the perfect solution for single or even multiple families that want to share a vacation together in style and comfort.

    Short term vacation rental homes come in all sizes from 2 to 12 bedrooms depending on what you’re looking for.


    International Investors Buying Short Term Vacation Rentals

    Orlando Vacation Rental


    Real estate investors from around the globe are taking advantage pre-construction prices right now while new home prices continue to climb. Property management companies take the headache out of finding renters, maintenance, cleaning and even making sure the lawn and landscaping stays perfectly manicured.



    On some of these Orlando resort properties, you are required to use the in-house property management company while others allow you to hire the property management company of your choice. If you have the option of shopping around for the management company of your choice then you should as some of these companies can be more expensive than others.


    Sometimes property management companies will even offer a rental guarantee agreement which means that they promise you will receive the full market rental income for a certain amount of time whether they rent it out or not.


    What If I Can’t Get It Rented?

    ChampagneCheersThe good thing about buying a short term rental home in Orlando is that there will never be a shortage of renters looking for place to stay. With well over a dozen new Resort styled communities being built at full speed as we speak, it’s evident that this train shows no signs of slowing.


    Although some homeowners prefer to do their own marketing, maintenance, etc. most homeowners prefer to turn things over to the property management company for a small percentage of the rent.



    Use Your Orlando Rental Property As A Second Home

    Many of the clients that we’ve sold a vacation rental to will choose to use there luxury vacation rental as a home away from home. They may also choose to rent it out only for a certain amount of time and block out the rest of the time for their personal use and even invite friends and relatives to stay. Either way you look at it, It’s a great opportunity either as an investment or for your family to enjoy.


    If you’re interested in finding out more about buying a short term rental in Orlando whether to use or rent out, call us at 407-902-7750 or fill out the contact form below and someone will respond within 24 hrs.


    We’ll show you which resorts are offering the best incentives right now and we’ll even help you figure out how much monthly income it will produce for you depending on which model you choose.



     John Conde Orlando Realtor