• Sell Your Orlando Home Under The Right Light

  • ORC Home Lighting Tips 1So you’re getting ready to put your Orlando home up for sale which means you’re probably neck deep in cleaning, organizing  and touching up the paint on you kid’s crayon covered walls. 

    There are a ton of little improvements you can do around your house to enhance it’s appearance. However, if it’s not shown in the right light, many of your home’s best features can go unnoticed.


    With the use of some strategic lighting you can dramatically change the overall look of a room from mediocre to remarkable making it look larger and more appealing.


    The proper lighting can enhance everything from your own skin tone to focal points in your home’s decor. This can make a huge impact on how you make people feel when they walk through. The best part is that it’s relatively inexpensive when you compare it to other home improvement options.

    Experts in the lighting field mention 3 types of lighting.

    General lighting- This is the main light source of a home which allows for safe functionality and should be consistent throughout. 

    Accent Lighting- This type of lighting is designed to illuminate focal points that you want to stand out in a room. Dimmer switches provide the ability to adjust the brightness of lights depending on what mood you’re in.

    Task Lighting- Exactly what it sounds like, used to perform tasks like working at a desk or when you open your refrigerator.

    There are a few other categories of lighting that aren’t necessarily attached to the house such as a lighted sculpture or some other work of art. This is called ambient lighting and when used correctly,  can also make a huge difference in the way that your house shows and the “vibe” people get when they’re in your home.

    Natural light provided by candles or a fire place is light that constantly moves. The sun is also considered natural lighting but is completely dependent on things like what time of the day it is or the weather. Never count on the sun to be there for your open house. As an Orlando listing agent, I can tell you that in any scenario a dimly lit home is huge a turn off to potential buyers and can easily become a deal killer.

    If you’re serious about wanting to sell your Orlando home for top dollar, make sure that your home is very well lit so that potential buyers can appreciate its true beauty. Believe it or not, the right lighting can actually translate to a higher offer amount.

    Replace Old Fixtures

    Now that your home is looking it’s best with just the right amount of lighting, it’s highly advisable to replace old and tarnished fixtures. Now, no matter what room a potential buyer walks into, it will be brightly lit with brand new beautiful fixtures.

    One last step before showing your house…don’t forget to turn the lights on!


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