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Give Yourself the Best Chance at Selling your Orlando Home

If you’re trying to make your Orlando home a bit more appealing for a potential buyer, then there are some things that you should consider.  First of all, not everyone has the same taste as you and so that’s why you should keep it simple when staging your home to be sold.

Never leave things out like family photos, personal keepsakes, and treasured belongings. All of these items should be safely packed away which very often creates open space. Everyone loves open space, it makes the home feel bigger and people can get a better feel for the layout.

Believe it or not Orlando home buyers often make a decision within just seconds of seeing your home about whether or not they want to buy it. So remember that and picture your home through the eyes of your potential buyers. What impression do you get in the first 30 seconds?

Sometimes a neighbor can help you out with this. If you do ask someone to give you an honest opinion about the first impression they get of your home, don’t take it personal if they don’t like some of your choices as far as decorating, just listen.

Here’s a List of easy things you can do to increase your chances of getting a contract on your Orlando property

•    Remove all loose clutter inside and out.  When you walk up do you see children’s toys scattered across the front lawn or throughout the house? Get rid of it something as simple as clutter can be a deal killer.

•    Make sure your yard and landscaping looks as good as it possibly can. Overgrown trees ,  shrubs and grass are eyesores and it’s the very first look that they get at the home.

•    I think it’s always good to get a fresh paint job when selling a home. It makes a huge impact and is relatively inexpensive to do. If painting is not an option, at least touch up any spots that are chipped wore out or can’t be cleaned.

•    Remove any furniture that is causing the house to look smaller or that is in the way when you show a potential buyer your home. Most of the time less is more when it comes to bulky pieces of furniture that can absolutely change the look of a room.

•    Add artwork to long hall ways. You don’t have to buy artwork that costs thousands of dollars but, if your home has long hall ways, it’s nice to break up the monotony with some tasteful artwork. Use contrasting shades and hues to coordinate with the flooring. When you’re shopping for the artwork or borrowing it from a friend or your real estate agent or homestager, if possible bring swatches of the carpet or flooring and wall paint to match the artwork colors.

•    Make the kitchen a focal point. Whether they cook or not, the kitchen is of primary interest to many buyers. Winning over buyers with an appealing kitchen can often convince them that they must have the home. Make sure your appliances are clean, sparkling, and working. Return on investment in the kitchen is usually high and worth every penny, and more, you put into it.

•    The bedroom needs to look like a bedroom. It sounds funny, but many people use their bedroom for other things such as an office or storage. Boxes or newspapers are scattered or stacked in a corner. There’s no “ah” or sense of relaxation with that kind of room. So even if that’s how you’ve been living, understand that’s not how you should show a home.

Making your home more appealing means seeing your home through the eyes of your potential buyers. When you start receiving more offers than you know what to do with, you’ll be glad you did.

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Jenny Zamora, Lic RE Broker

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