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  • Several years ago in the not so distant past, potential home buyers would start searching for a house the traditional way which was by calling up an Orlando realtor in the area where they want to live. The next step would be for the buyer to give the agent all the criteria that they were looking for in a home and wait for the agent to provide a list of great homes to go see. However if the buyer chose the wrong agent to work with, there are several things that can go wrong such as the agent coming back with a list of properties that the buyer doesn’t like or maybe the agent won’t call back at all. Either way this was very frustrating for home buyers but unfortunately they had no other choice than to search for properties by using a realtor. The whole key to finding the perfect home all hinged on finding the right agent first.


    Buyers are now able to search the MLS just like a real real estate agent

    The web has truly changed the way that the Orlando real estate business is done. Potential home buyers benefit from this just as much if not more than real estate professionals. Home buyers are now able to search the MLS on their own without even speaking to a realtor first.

    Anyone and everyone is now able to search for properties on the MLS at their own convenience from their own home at all hours of the day or night. All the buyer has to do is present a list of homes that they have chosen to their Orlando realtor and go see them. By doing this, the buyer saves time and so does the agent.


    Online Property Searches also a huge advantage for realtors


    Realtors also benefit greatly from people being able to search the MLS on their own. It’s a huge time saver if a buyer comes to the agent with a list of homes they want to see instead of the other way around. All the agent has to do at this point is make the appointments to show the properties.

    In our office potential buyers are instructed to click on the “Find Florida Properties” tab on our home page. Here they are able to search the entire state of Florida for all the properties that are listed on the MLS at their own convenience.

    Recent studies show that 9 out of 10 potential home buyers begin their property search online long before contacting a real estate agent.