Orlando Home Sold In 6 Days Because of This Video!


The power of video does it again! When it comes to selling real estate in Orlando, video has proven to attract more buyers, more sellers and drive more traffic to our company website than any other platform.

Videos are more engaging than text… and now more than ever we’re seeing more video results appearing alongside text results every time we do a simple Google search.

This is especially true when it comes to the real estate industry. At ORC, posting videos has always been a big part of our marketing strategy to buy and sell homes. We’ve found it to be very effective and it’s a great way to continue building our audience.

I’ve seen so many new realtors in Orlando trying desperately to market themselves in this dog-eat-dog of an industry that we call real estate. Unfortunately, they just end up doing what every other real estate agent in Orlando is doing…. buying leads from Zillow or their competitors.

Even though the use of video to sell real estate is a proven strategy with tons of social proof, it’s the most underused marketing tool among Realtors in Orlando.

Real Estate Videos Have to Be Entertaining…

Most agents that are active on YT, use one or 2 basic templates, then they just change out the images for each listing… Or… the one where they walk around the house and force you to watch the video screen bounce up and down with every footstep…

I  believe that if someone takes the time to click the play button on your video, they deserve to at least be somewhat entertained.

At ORC we take the time to create a unique video for every one of our listings. Out of the several hundred videos we have published on our channel Orlando Realty Consultants you’ll find a mix of Commercials, how-to videos, funny parodies, animated videos, before and after videos, and of course listing videos that we use in our marketing blast formula to sell houses.

Our most recent listing took only 6 days to get under contract… thanks to this video

The buyer for this house told us that he found our video doing a Google search of the term “Kissimmee Homes for Sale”. Believe it or not, this video made the 1st page of Google in less than 24hrs after I published it on YT. Try doing that with a blog post….

The use of video in our business has proven to be a game-changer. Not only to attract new clients but also to achieve their real estate goals once they become our clients.

If you have hired an Orlando Realtor to sell a house for you, make sure they’re using all the tools in their toolbox…including Video to market your home.

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