• What’s Your Orlando Realtor Doing To Market Your Home?

  • Marketing Orlando Home

    When you are selling a home in Orlando, the single most important factor besides accurate pricing is a strong marketing campaign. Not only that, your marketing has to be targeted at the right people or it can be a huge waste of time, effort and money.


    As a Realtor in Orlando, one of the biggest complaints I receive from unhappy sellers is they feel that their real estate agent didn’t do a proper job marketing their home for sale.


    Top Orlando realtors use a wide array of marketing techniques and strategies to get the job done …. which is to sell your Orlando home fast for top dollar.


    It’s very important to me as a real estate professional that my clients are fully aware of what’s being done to market their home… besides just putting it on the MLS.


    Selling Through The MLS


    The MLS is the single most powerful marketing tool available to us as Orlando Realtors. This is where your home is made accessible to all the other realtors and even non-agents. These days it’s super easy to navigate the MLS even if you’re not a licensed real estate agent. Any top Orlando real estate brokerage will have a tool to search Florida homes for sale right from their website. If your agent doesn’t have an MLS home search tool on their website, you might want to ask yourself why not??



    Social Media


    These days there’s no denying the marketing power of social media. Through the use of Facebook, Twitter and a whole bunch of others, Realtors have a great opportunity to reach hundreds or even thousands of potential buyers [and sellers] to market a property for sale. Of course having a strong social media presence in the Orlando real estate industry takes time, dedication and persistence.


    Realtors that have a lot of followers, friends, shares, etc. are the best at leveraging their reach to sell real estate.



    Direct Mail Postcards


    Although direct mail has lost a lot of popularity over the years to digital marketing, it can still be a very useful tool in getting a home sold. When I get a listing in nice neighborhood, I send out a postcard to all the neighbors that there is a home for sale in their neighborhood with all the important details.


    This can be a very effective strategy because sometimes the person receiving the postcard may have a family member or a friend that’s been looking for a home in that area.


    Most realtors I know don’t send out postcards because it means money out of their pocket… money they haven’t earned yet.


    Properly marketing yourself as a real estate agent is crucial to survive in such an unforgiving industry.





    Agent’s Blog or Website


    Top real estate agents in Orlando should have their own website or at least a blog where they can promote their listings, their services as well as promote themselves as an authority in the industry. Having a real estate blog in my opinion is crucial not only to market homes for sale, open houses, videos, etc. It’s also very important for a top agent to maintain a presence in the on line world.


    Youtube Videos


    Our RE brokerage, Orlando Realty Consultants has been very successful at selling homes through video. Since we started creating listing videos about 6 years ago, we found it to be a great tool to reach potential buyers. Youtube is the second most used search engine in the world next to Google [which also owns Youtube] and through tracking our analytics, we’ve seen our Youtube channel Top Orlando Realtors outperform our website at times.


    In conclusion, when selling your Orlando property, make sure that your realtor is using more than just the MLS to market your home for sale. Orlando Realtors have an entire arsenal at their fingertips. As a seller, you have the right to ask your agent to see all the different ways your home is being marketed.

    Institutional videos have also proven to be extremely effective like this one: