Orlando Homes Sell Faster With Tech-Smart Upgrades


There are always two sides to Orlando Real Estate. Home sellers want to get the highest dollar amount for their property, and buyers looking for a deal of a lifetime on their dream home.

There are numerous ways a homeowner can add value to their homes to to justify a higher selling price. Simple upgrades like a fresh coat of paint or fencing in the backyard can justify a small increase and make a home more attractive to potential buyers.

These days however, homeowners would be wise to also look into technology upgrades to their home. By installing functional and efficient home technology to a home, it will definitely fetch a higher selling price and sell faster than a similar home without these tech-savvy improvements.

There was a recent study done among 500 real estate agents in Orlando to get a better understanding of what buyers were interested in when it came to smart home technology. The study revealed that home buyers are now much more interested in smart homes than they were just 2 years ago.

Over 60% of parents with children under the age of eighteen claimed that they would be willing to pay more for a home that already has smart home technology installed just for the added safety features. Even 51% of people without children would pay more for a smart home because of the energy efficiency features that will save them thousands in utilities over the long haul. Real estate agents in Orlando are seeing smart homes sell much faster than homes without this technology.

By far the biggest attraction for buyers when it came to smart home technology was for the security features that it provides. The second most attractive features were climate control, lighting, entertainment, and last but not least, appliances. Overall, buyers reported that they like being able to control all the features in there home from their smartphone or tablet.

The study clearly showed that smart home technology is steadily rising, especially with Generation X and millennial homebuyers.

Marketing Smart-Homes

Smart homes are great for buyers who value home security, energy efficiency, comfort and entertainment features. That’s why sellers would be wise to list all the features that their smart home has to offer.

There isn’t one “silver bullet” feature that will justify are huge price increase. However, by listing every single feature in the home, it gives the buyer a view of the bigger picture of added convenience and overall safety of the home which translates to increased value.

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