• TOR : 027 Avoiding Buyer’s Paralysis


    So what’s home buyers paralysis?

    It’s when you through the motions of buying a home and no matter how many great homes you see, you just can’t pull the trigger.

    On this episode learn how to deal with and overcome Home Buyers Paralysis.


    * Your subconscious mind could be sabotaging you.

    * The stress from buying a home can overwhelm you to the point where you just shut down when      it’s time make decision.


    before spending all this time on looking for homes, you need to ask yourself a few questions…

    * Do you really need a new home?

    * What about giving your home a face lift instead?…. Sometimes that’s all you need to give your home a fresh new look.


    Money is  The number 1 cause of Buyers Paralysis!

    * Don’t let the wrong people influence you on what you can afford.



    Don’t Fear The Future!  Fear is one of the most powerful human emotions and its main purpose is to…

    * Unreasonable fears can cause you to make bad decisions.


    There’s no need to use the maximum amount of the mortgage amount that you qualify for. If you’re able to scale it back a bit, your payment will be lower and so will your stress level.


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