• Selling Orlando Homes To The Sandwich Generation

  • sandwich generationIn an independent study done in 2014, over fifty seven million Americans lived in multi-generation households in 2013. That’s twice as much as in 1980! This rising trend can be attributed in part to families wanting to save money by sharing expenses.

    The term “sandwich generation” comes from parents being sandwiched by their kids as well as their own parents. Although it’s not something I would ever do personally, many people not only enjoy saving money, but they actually enjoy being surrounded by their parents as well as their kids every single day…[I know, I don’t get it either]

    From my own experience as an Orlando realtor, I’ve witnessed this trend first hand. Now more than ever I’m seeing multi generation families buying homes together. It can be a bit challenging when there are more than one or two adults involved, especially when they all have different opinions and tastes.

    Finding The Perfect Orlando Home For A Multi-Generation Household

    Starting with a family meeting is always a good idea. By speaking with all the adults at the same time we can determine what the specific needs are for each person and consider what options would work for everyone involved without having to make assumptions.

    As the buyer’s agent I must consider things like the floor plan and find out if they prefer an open floor plan or would a home with more distinctive living quarters for more privacy. With the older generation, second story bedrooms can also be an issue if they have trouble climbing steps. Wheelchair accessibility  may also be a concern for some families.

    The location of the home must also be carefully considered. If grandpa needs to see his health care physician 3 times per week, they may want to be close to a hospital or public transportation. The same goes for the little ones, where will they be attending school? Does anyone play sports? How far are the parks?

    Finding the perfect home for a multi-generational family can be challenging and usually takes much longer than finding a home for a single family. However, if I wanted to be in a profession that was easy, I wouldn’t have chosen to become an Orlando real estate agent.

    John Conde Orlando Realtor