• Summer Home: How to Keep Your Property Protected

  • Summer homes are fantastic getaways while you’re using them, but they can be a constant source of anxiety and expense when you aren’t. Any number of little problems can turn into very big ones if you aren’t there to catch them, so being able to protect your vacation property is of paramount importance.

    Protect Your Property from Thieves

    One of the biggest concerns for vacation homeowners is protecting their properties from burglars and vandals. In this case, a security system can be a smart investment. It’s also helpful to choose a vacation property that is near permanent residents, with a neighborhood watch program, or in a vacation community with its own security. While it might be tempting to choose a vacation home that lets you get away from it all, it also means it’ll take longer for police or security to respond to an emergency.

    Protect Your Property from Fires

    Fires are absolutely devastating, but they can often be prevented. Unplug appliances that won’t be in use while you’re away. Turn off energy vampires like water heaters, and you’ll even save money on your electric bill. Lastly, make sure that your furnaces or other heaters are properly serviced and maintained. Just because a heater is only used during vacation, doesn’t mean that it’s okay to neglect it; even underused furnaces need some love to keep them operating safely and efficiently.

    Protect Your Property from Floods

    Many people associate flooding with beach, or lake-front vacation homes, but they aren’t the only victims. Any area with below freezing temperatures can suffer from leaking or burst pipes. Tree roots can also damage pipes and lead to leaks, blockages, and flooding. Don’t set yourself up for a nasty surprise– turn off the main water supply to the house before you leave to return to your regular home, and have a good plumber to call in case of emergencies.

    You can’t foresee every emergency, but many of the worst ones are preventable. A good security system can prevent break-ins. If your vacation home is in Edmonton, furnace repair in Edmonton can help keep your heating system safe and running smoothly all year round. Orlando service companies can help you keep your vacation home dry and your water flowing. By properly closing up your vacation home at the end of the season, and knowing who to call when things go wrong, you’ll be able to keep your vacation home problem-free.