• The 6 Most Common Pests That Can Invade Your Home And How To Prevent It From Happening

  • No one wants their home invaded by pests, and sometimes it can be a major problem before it is even noticed inside the home. Here are a few of the most common household pests and how you can keep them outside where they belong:


    Ants enter homes to find water, sweets or greasy foods. When one enters, you can be sure more will follow due to the chemical trail it leaves. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see just a couple of ants on your floor or counter, and by the time you find them, it seems like there are thousands. To prevent ants, make sure all cracks and openings are sealed. Clear up any moisture problems, and keep areas where food is prepared or stored very clean. Clean up crumbs on the floor and counters more often. If you they don’t have something to come in for in the first place, it won’t be as big of a problem.


    Usually, homeowners are unaware of termites until they have caused significant damage. They feed off of your home’s foundation, weakening it and other wooden structures. It is important that the wood in your home does not contact the soil. This gives termites easy entry. Leaks and standing water should be taken care of promptly. If you do have termites, getting the help to rid your home of them is essential to making sure they are all eliminated, suggests professionals who specialize in pest control.


    While mice usually enter your home looking for food, they contaminate much more than they take. They often bring additional pests with them such as fleas or ticks. To prevent mice, all openings must be sealed. Mice can get through the smallest holes and cracks. Mousetraps work well to eliminate one or two visitors. If you have more mice, consider calling a professional.


    Fleas can carry disease which make their presence in your home particularly disturbing. Unexplained, itchy bites on humans or a pet that scratches itself incessantly are signs that you may have a problem. To get rid of fleas, first treat the main problem, which is likely your pet. The next step is to thoroughly clean your home, and there are products you can buy at most stores to help rid your home of fleas.


    Bed bugs are difficult to spot since they can hide so easily in headboards and tiny cracks. While they do not carry disease, they do feed from humans and cause welts with their bites. They are carried in from the outdoors on shoes or luggage. To get rid of bedbugs, a thorough cleaning and vacuuming is necessary. All bedding must be washed in very hot water to kill bed bugs that remain. You can buy products to spray around your bed to prevent them from returning.


    Stink bugs, so named for the horrible smell emitted when they are crushed, become plentiful in the fall. Vacuuming is the best way to rid your home of stink bugs. Commercial, non-toxic traps are available as well.

    There is no reason why you should have to allow uninvited visitors into your home. These tips will help make and keep your home pest-free.