• There are Reasons why we’re called “Short Sale Specialists”

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    Like any profession in the world, there are specialists in every field… Orlando short sales are no different. If  you’ve ever attempted to do a short sale, you know that not only can things get frustrating but the situation can change at a moment’s notice without any warning what-so-ever. You could be negotiating with a lender for weeks or even months then finally get your approval letter with the buyer lined up and ready to go, etc. Then all of a sudden WHAM!… the loan just got sold  to another lender and all of your hard work is gone… just like that.



    As short sale realtors, we have to follow very detailed instructions as laid out by the lender. The problem is that these instructions can sometimes be ever-changing and you have to be flexible enough to roll with the changes… it’s kinda like trying to hit a moving target.



    The 2nd worst part of a situation like this is that the real estate agent handling the short sale will usually get blamed [out of ignorance] by not only the seller, but the buyer and the buyer’s agent as well. I know this because it’s happened to me more times than I care to remember. A true short sale specialist will or should handle a situation like this with patience, persistence and grace. Also, a good short sale agent can’t be the type of person that is easily discouraged or they won’t get anywhere in this “dog eat dog” profession.



    They call us “specialists” for many reasons. It’s not just about getting the short sale done, it’s about educating everyone involved along the way on what’s going on and why. We’ve been Negotiating Orlando short sales since 2004 [before it was even in style] and we understand what a stressful time the homeowner is going through which is why we maintain good communication with them and keep them informed every step of the way. Even if nothing happens inside any given week during the process, our clients get a weekly update regardless if there was any progress with their file or not.



    The way I see it, If a distressed homeowner had enough trust in our company to hand us over control over their short sale listing, then we owe it to them to get the job done, and get it done in a timely and professional manner, after all… we’re not just real estate agents, we are short sale specialists and that’s something that we’re very proud of.