• TOR 019 : Breaking Your Lease

  • ORLANDO REALTOR PODCASTOn today’s show we talk about how to get out of a lease agreement in the state of Florida.

    Breaking a lease is completely legal in certain situations but you have to do it the right way. If not, you could get yourself in hot water both legally and financially. so you definitely want to avoid that.

    In a lease agreement, There are laws in place to protect both lessors and lessees.

    So…there’s a few things you need to do before breaking your lease.

    1- Find out what your rights are– Read your lease agreement thoroughly,…

    2- Keep good records…If you’re in a situation where there’s safety issues involved,…

    * Having proof is really important in case your land lord wants to take you to court.

    * Health code and building code violations are public record in any state and are easily available on line.

    3-Be nice!- Once you find out where you stand…

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