• 7 More Things To Consider Before Buying A House In Orlando

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    Buying a home can be a very exciting time for you and your family. Emotions can sometimes try and take over clouding your better judgment.
    These emotions can be compared to falling in love in the sense that you can easily overlook some major flaws. Like the saying goes… “love is blind”. Then once your mind is set, that red faced little kid can try and overcome you. “I want it, I want it, I want it!” Don’t let him… he doesn’t pay the bills and once he’s gone, you’ll be the one left holding the bag!
    There are many things you need to consider other than the way the home looks and makes you feel. Working with an Orlando real estate agent will help keep your emotions in check.





    Here are 7 things to consider before making an offer On an Orlando property

    1. Visit the home at different times of the day-
    Neighborhoods can have different looks depending on what time of day it is. If you visit during morning hours most people will be at work and kids will be at school making it appear to be a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. By driving by again in the evening, you’ll get an idea of how peaceful or noisy it really is when all the other residents are home doing their thing. Is there a school nearby?

    Nearby schools can cause major traffic issues at certain times of the day. Trust me, you don’t want these things taking you by surprise after you move in.


    2-Talk to the neighbors-
    This is a great way to find out the pros and cons about the area. Is it made up of mostly renters? homeowners? Has anyone been murdered on this street lately?, etc.


    3- Find out if there’s a Homeowners association-
    Depending on the person this could be a good thing or bad. Some people like to have the right to paint their house deep purple and park their tow truck in the driveway. Others…not so much. If there is a HOA, find out how much you’ll be paying.


    4- Get A home inspection-
    Unless the house you’re looking at buying is brand new, it will have some wear and tear and may be in need of some repairs. You want to make sure to have the home inspected by a good home inspector. Your Orlando real estate agent should be able to recommend a good one.

    It’s important to know what needs to be fixed not only for safety, but for negotiating a lower sale price. Some sellers may want to make the repairs themselves while others will prefer to lower the price leaving the repairs up to the buyer.


    5- Ask for property tax records-
    It’s important to be aware that in some areas property taxes can fluctuate according to appraisal values. That means if the home values go up in that area so will your property taxes. Ask your Orlando realtor to provide you with tax records on the property for the past several years.


    6- Ask to see utility bills-
    You may love the lake view, glass walls and vaulted ceilings of modern home, but keeping your house cool on those warm summer Orlando days can cause you to exceed your budget. The same goes for watering that humungous lawn every two days. Remember, these are bills you’ll be paying every single month forever until you move or pass away.


    7- Get realistic repair estimates
    If the house needs some repair work done, don’t just shoot from the hip and guesstimate. Get repair estimates from a few contractors in the area. Unless you’re buying the property with the intent on re-habbing it for an investment, stay away from homes that need major repairs.


    John Conde Orlando Realtor