• Butterfly Destroys the Roof on an Orlando Property! Would Your Homeowners Policy cover This?

  • Orlando Homeowners Insurance Policies are getting cut left and right

    Citizens Insurance is a Non-Profit state-run insurance company started in 2002 because of the fact that private insurance companies were leaving Florida due to the risk of hurricanes.
    It used to be that when nobody else would cover your Orlando home or business, you could always go to citizens for a policy.  So when citizens sent out a letter to their policy holders late last year informing them that they would no longer be covering carports, screen rooms, patios, pool cages or awnings- expensive items to get fixed – many people were alarmed…Including me.
    Even Florida based home insurance companies that we thought were Florida’s future are selectively cancelling policies in higher risk zip codes.

    Here are the hard facts

    • State Farm is planning on cancelling 125,000 Home owners policies in addition to the policies they’ve already cancelled
    • Nationwide is dropping an additional 60,000 home owners policies
    • The number of people that report  that Homeowners insurance is too expensive is increasing by the day.
    • Newly formed home insurance companies just can’t keep up with all the policies being cancelled by the larger companies
    • It’s harder than ever for Floridians to find quality Homeowners Insurance at a reasonable rate.
    • Both Citizens and the Florida Hurricane catastrophe fund have reported their concerns about not having the cash needed to pay for a major Florida Hurricane.

    Get involved Floridians!
    As tax payers and voters, we can make a difference by getting involved. Let’s keep the pressure on the Florida legislative representative to make something happen that would bring more Insurance companies to Florida and keep are rates affordable.

    Let  your legislator know how you feel!