• Do younger Orlando Realtors have an edge over “old school” agents?

  • More and more young people are choosing to become full time Orlando real estate agents as a profession.  Historically,  real estate has proven to be a great field to be in no matter what the market is doing.  The ones who are able to keep up with what the Orlando real estate market is doing and make changes to their business model accordingly, are able not only to survive in tough markets, but thrive in any market.

    Young agents definitely have an edge in the technology department over the “old school” agents that try to resist technology. Being internet savvy is a huge advantage just because of the time you save. Although our office still maintains a paper file on every client, those files are a fraction of the size they used to be thanks to amazing real estate soft wares that are available today.

    I’ve been an Orlando realtor since 2005 and I can tell you that technology, as it applies to real estate has come a long, long way in 7 years. One thing is for sure, agents that apply new techniques such social media marketing, maintaining an up-to-date blog, up-to-date website, SEO [Search Engine Optimization], etc. will be much more successful than the agents that do not. The cruel truth is that technology has completely changed the way realtors do business and you have to keep up with the trend or get left behind.

    Being a Realtor is like having your own Business

    Another reason why so many young people are flocking to the world of  Orlando real estate is the allure of having their own business. Real estate agents are independent contractors that are responsible for marketing themselves and finding their own clients or they don’t get paid.  It’s a great field for self motivated people because they basically have no boss and the sky’s the limit if they’re willing to put in the work. For young and eager agents this presents an opportunity of a lifetime. People that want to be nestled in an office everyday and do the minimum amount of work just to get by, will eventually find a better fit for themselves pursuing professions other than the ever changing world of Orlando real estate.

    Helpful Tip on finding the right agent:

    Just by typing in the agent’s name and city they work in,  you can find out anything and everything you need about an agent and what they are all about. A successful realtor will usually be all over the internet for they areas that they specialize in and if they aren’t, then you may want to move on to the next candidate.