• EDC of Metro Orlando Brings Seven Projects and 2100 Construction Jobs to Central Florida

  • Metro Orlando

    The Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission started its ‘Brand Orlando’ campaign with a lot of vigor and the results of the effort have been positive. The EDC has managed to rope in seven new construction projects at various sites in Orlando.

    Hard work of the EDC has finally paid off. The Commission has been striving hard to make this happen, from several high-level meetings with site consultants to pick up lucrative sites to discussions with brand executives to pitch these sites as favorable to the real estate business community; it has been a tough ride. But, it all seems to be worth the effort, states Holly Weidman, the executive vice president of the Commission.

    Orlando Realtors work together with backing from EDC

    Orlando real estate agents have been pitching the cause independently, but with them coming together as a team and with the backing of the EDC, the region has finally gained the interest it deserved. The EDC has marketed Orlando as a region of opportunity for the infrastructure sector, highlighting prospects other than the well-known tourism industry. They have focused on local businesses, traditional architecture, the rapport between the University of Florida and the business community, and the sense of communion with local communities.

     New jobs will boost the economy

    The developments have spread cheer among realtors and buyers alike. Everyone is now anticipating a flurry of activities that will give way to about 2100 new construction jobs, giving the economy of the region a big boost. Existing businesses are also likely to spread their base in the region. Apart from pumping in money in the markets through construction activities, a lot of local businesses, allied infrastructure and manufacturing services are likely to find the requisite kick start, bringing in more cash flow and making the region a prospective hot spot for high profile investments.

    The EDC, although happy with the turn of events, is not complacent with its recent success. It is continuing with its crusade and giving out tips to real estate agents in Orlando on how to pick the right sites, how to market them and how to retain their USP – the tourism industry as their stronghold. They are very clear with their vision on making the region the hottest market for real estate business. They are keeping a tab on competition and fluctuations in the volatile real estate market, to stay on top of the tide.

    John Conde Realtor Orlando