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    FHA’s Back To Work Program

    As an Orlando realtor, part of my job is to help potential home buyers get approved for a mortgage. Unfortunately, aren’t always able to qualify for the best mortgage programs like an FHA [Federal Housing Administration] loan because of negative credit events like having a foreclosure or short sale on their record.

    Recently there’s been some great news for ex-homeowners that find themselves in this situation. FHA, formed in 1934 and part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is waiving its 3 year foreclosure awaiting period. All homeowners with FHA case numbers assigned after Aug. 25th of 2013 that have gone through a bankruptcy, short sale, foreclosure, loan mod or a deed-in-lieu can now apply and potentially get approved for an FHA mortgage.

    The FHA has the role of being the insurer of mortgages made by lenders that are FHA approved. Since the FHA’s inception, it has insured loans in the entire U.S. in addition to U.S. territories as well as the District of Columbia and holds the record as the world’s largest insurer of loans at thirty four million loans.

    Basic FHA Mortgage Guidelines:

    1- Loans must be made by an FHA approved lender

    2-Borrowers must be U.S. citizens

    3-Borrowers must have a  minimum credit score of  at least 500

    4- A down payment of at least 3.5% of the contract price is required on a purchase

    5- Income is verified via W-2 or federal tax returns

    Within the last several years the FHA has been steadily tightening there requirements since the housing downturn. However, since August 15 of 2013 the FHA has made the decision to ease up on their requirements when it comes to borrowers that have ” experienced periods of financial difficulty due to extenuating circumstances”. Now known as the “Back to Work Program”, the FHA has gotten rid of it’s former waiting periods that were typically followed after a negative credit event.   Here are some examples of negative credit events that can affect someone trying to get approved for an FHA mortgage loan.

    * Foreclosure

    * Short Sale

    * Deed-in Lieu

    * Bankruptcy Chapter 13

    * Bankruptcy Chapter 7

    * Loan modification

    * Forbearance agreements

    It seems that there are actually some compassionate people running this company. The FHA has come to the realization that sometimes bad credit situations are beyond the homeowner’s control and that someone’s credit doesn’t always reflect a person’s willingness or ability to pay there mortgage. One can only hope that other lending organizations will follow the FHA’s lead.

      Jenny Zamora Realtor