• ORC Closes Another Orlando Short Sale

  •   Orlando RealtorsORC closes another Orlando short sale. Jenny Zamora, Listing Specialist/short sale expert known for getting her listings sold in record time for top dollar has beaten the odds once again. Now…  I don’t write about every short sale listing our company closes [or I wouldn’t have time to write about other stuff] but I felt that this one is worth sharing.

    This Orlando home was originally listed by an investment group that claimed to be short sale experts and promised to get the job done fast and efficient, and of course… free of charge. In reality, they were actually wholesale flippers that ended up dragging the homeowner into deep water.

    The strategy of a whole sale flipper is to submit a low offer to the bank on a distressed home in hopes that the bank will accept the offer so that they can flip the deal to another buyer without having to close on it themselves. If it works, the flippers make a few thousand bucks the seller gets rid of their problem and everyone’s happy.

    However, if the bank rejects the offer the homeowner is then left holding the ball. Once the wholesale flipper realizes that they can’t make money on the deal, they will typically move on to the next potential seller [or victim] at this point leaving the homeowner in a bad situation to fend for themselves.

    Getting back to our story…The lender set a foreclosure date just 30 days away and the investment group bailed on her when they couldn’t get the short sale approved. After reading our online reviews, the homeowner came to us thinking that all hope was lost and her home would surely be foreclosed on.

    After consulting with distressed homeowner, we accepted the file and Jenny Zamora went to work immediately on the short sale. By using all our marketing tools as well as blasting the property details to our network of active home buyers from around the world, she quickly got the word out and managed to get serious investor interested in the property for a price that lender was happy with.

    By getting all necessary documentation to the lender quickly in an organized and efficient manner, they stopped the foreclosure process allowing ample time for the new buyer to close on the property. As a result, the lender issued a new short sale approval letter that gave the buyer 30 days to close on the property even though the buyer only needed 10 days to close. 

    If you’re in need of completing a short sale on your Orlando home, please, please, please beware of so-called “short sale expert investors” that promise to save you from foreclosure. Be sure to research anyone you plan on working with extensively. Many of these companies are only out for their own financial gain at the expense of the homeowner. 

    It’s important to know that unlicensed investors aren’t bound by a code of ethics nor are they subject to follow the same laws that licensed realtors are. An Orlando realtor is sworn to put the best interest of the homeowner first and if they don’t, they can be prosecuted and potentially lose their license.


    John Conde Orlando Realtor