Orlando Realtor- Seller Series part 5


Let Your Orlando Realtor Do The Negotiating

In this week’s edition of our six-part seller series, we will be talking about how your Orlando Realtor can help you with the negotiation process when you start receiving offers on your home.

Negotiating offers

It’s part of a realtor’s job to negotiate the price on a listing, which is why it’s important to allow your listing agent to negotiate offers on your behalf instead of you dealing directly with the buyer or buyer’s agent. Your agent should already be well aware of what your bottom line is upon finalizing the listing details. The house should also be priced correctly for the market and look its best for showings.

Sometimes buyers will submit low ball offers and these buyers are usually investors looking for the deal of a lifetime so that they can turn a quick profit. You should never take this personally, it’s just business and you really can’t blame them for trying. 

Your realtor should also make sure potential buyers are pre-approved for a mortgage loan before proceeding with any negotiations.

If you receive an offer that’s close to the listing price, your agent should continue with the negotiations. Chances are that if they really want the home, then a few thousand dollars won’t deter them from coming up to your asking price.

There’s a lot more to the negotiation process than just agreeing on the sales price. Items like repairs, personal property, financing, inspection periods, and the closing date are all things that can either make a deal go through or kill it. Usually, if it’s something minor, a small concession is all that’s needed to make everybody happy.

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