• Orlando Realtor’s income up by 25%

  • Vintage Rising Home PricesRecent studies by the National associations of Realtors shows signs of promise for today’s real estate professional. For the second year in a row business activity rose for real estate agents since 2011. The gross median income for an Orlando realtor in 2011 was $34,900.00 and in 2012 it shows that realtors made an average of $43,500.00. The numbers aren’t in for 2013 yet but you can bet that the average Orlando realtor’s income is even more than it was in 2012. This is great for the industry because more agents will be able to continue working as agents instead of having to find another job because of market conditions, as was the case in 2007-2008 when soo many agents just weren’t making enough money to survive.

    Real estate agents that have been at it for a while of course make considerably more. Agents that have been in the business for more than 8 years showed an average income of $58,300.00 for 2012. It’s like anything else in life, the more work you put into it, the more reward you will get from it. On the opposite end of the scale are newbee realtors [2 years or less] only averaged $$9,700.00. For these agents, they are facing an uphill battle and more than half of these newer agents will get frustrated and eventually seek employment elsewhere.

    Realtors Working twice as Hard for the Same Money

    Studies also show that a realtor back in the most recent peak of the Orlando real estate market in 2006 was making twice the amount of money for the same amount of work. Now the tables have turned. A realtor these days has to work double time in order to make the same income they were making 7 years ago. With all the new laws and regulations¬† in place, realtors have to really know what their doing. Not too many transactions are easy to get closed, there seems to always be an obstacle or two or three, especially when you’re trying to close on a short sale. Real estate transactions these days require skill, competence as well as patience to get them closed.

    Jenny Zamora RE Broker