Newcomers Affecting Orlando Home Prices

Due to COVID-19 real estate prices in Central, FL is rising at a steady rate, according to real estate agents in Orlando. The main reason for this trend is the overwhelming amount of people from other states moving to Orlando every day. Unfortunately, this also affects the affordability for local home buyers.

The main reason for this trend is the overwhelming amount of people from other states moving to Orlando every day. The cost of living in northern states like New Jersey and New York is much higher than in Central Florida. Buying and renting a home is typically a lot more expensive in those states than it is in Florida.

With this steady stream of newcomers moving to Orlando buying and renting becomes more expensive for the locals. This is one of the reasons why home prices continue to rise and inventory remains low.

I recently had a client from New York who was now working remotely due to COVID-19 and he could not believe the home prices per sq ft compared to his home state. This is what he said when I started showing him Orlando homes for sale, “3,000 square foot house for 525k??… this house would cost me 1.5 million in NY!”. He then submitted a cash offer for the full asking price.

As prices rise in real estate, buying a home in Orlando suddenly becomes unaffordable for a lot of people. I believe this increases the demand for rentals which is why we are seeing so many new apartment buildings throughout Orlando. Unfortunately, this also makes traffic worse causing us to spend more time on the road.

I’ve been a Real Estate Broker in Hunter’s Creek since 2005 and I can tell you that traffic has increased to at least 5 times what it was since I’ve lived here. It seems like I spot a new apartment building going up every time I drive down John Young Parkway.

Virtual Tours For Orlando Homes

The use of virtual tours for buying and selling homes in Orlando has been booming since the pandemic. Stay at home orders by the state and public concerns prevented potential home buyers from physically walking through homes. Now more than ever the use of virtual tours is by far the best tool Realtors in Orlando have at their disposal.

Although it’s not quite as good as being there physically… It does provide the buyer with a greater understanding of the home’s location, features, and neighborhood amenities. This increased knowledge creates a more knowledgeable buyer and better seller. A buyer who knows more about a property before they view it in person has a greater likelihood of being a successful buyer

While some Orlando Realtors have embraced virtual reality as a legitimate tool for their business practices, many traditional realtors will discount the value of this emerging marketing strategy. Realtors that are willing to give a more holistic view of a prospective house and the surrounding neighborhood should be a big factor when looking at virtual home tours.

Real estate agents that can see the whole picture of a neighborhood should be considered because they can act as a catalyst for a quick sale or buyer, hold the buyer’s interest longer, and provide a more logical reason for the seller to enter into a contract. The rise in popularity of the virtual reality genre means that any prospective home shopper can experience a house or neighborhood through this medium. A trip to the virtual world of the internet is a compelling, and necessary, component of today’s Orlando real estate market.

COVID-19 A Major contributor To Influx of new residents

The Coronavirus has affected and continues to affect our country in a very negative way. Thousands of businesses have gone under, hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs and it’s not over yet. Even as the vaccines begin to get distributed there seem to be more cases than ever. Unfortunately for many people, recovering from this pandemic to the way things were isn’t very realistic.

Some people were fortunate enough to be able to continue working remotely from their homes, depending on what they do for a living. These people now realize that they no longer have to live near their workplace and are moving to other states. Orlando, FL is mainly known for world-class amusement parks like Disney World, Universal Studios, and too many others to mention. However, many people don’t realize that Orlando is also home to just about every industry imaginable.

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The Ways it Pays to Work with an Orlando Realtor

Are you thinking about buying or selling an Orlando home on your own so you can try to save yourself a few thousand dollars? If so, then this post is for you…

Go SOLO or hire an Orlando Realtor?

Some people believe that it’s no big deal to buy or sell a house on your own. They think it’s a pretty basic process to buy or sell a home in Orlando when in reality, there’s a whole list of things that need to happen throughout the process… for both buyers and sellers.

Here’s a checklist of the things your Orlando Realtor will help you with throughout the buying or selling process.

  • Determine how much you can afford to pay for a home.
  • Help check your credit report.
  • Price your existing home with a market expert.
  • Put existing house on market and decide where to advertise to reach best potential buyers.
  • Schedule appointments to show current home or to see new ones.
  • Host open houses to sell your existing home.
  • Find a new home for you with all the features you want.
  • Investigate school system as well as research neighborhoods and local amenities.
  • Analyze comparable home sales before making an offer on new home.
  • Meet home and pest inspectors for review of your current home.
  • Negotiate the terms of sale or purchase, including repairs or concessions.
  • Help you choose mortgage lender.
  • Help you obtain title insurance.
  • Help you obtain homeowners’ insurance.
  • Review your HUD [Closing Disclosure] statement and approve closing costs.
  • Coordinate your closing with lender and title company.
  • Conduct final walk-throughs with you of the home.
  • Review and sign closing documents.
  • Review homeowners’ association documents for new home.
  • Consider offers for current home.
  • Order the title search.
  • Get the signed contract to the seller.
  • Hire attorney or title company to complete closing research.
  • Hire surveyor to do a survey if needed.

Hiring an Orlando Realtor

I’m sure most of you who were going to sell on your own have probably changed your mind after reading this post. If you haven’t, then at least you’ll know what to expect moving forward with the process. If you aren’t sure and would like to speak to an Orlando Real Estate Broker, please don’t hesitate to call or text me at 407-902-7750. Or just visit us at

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Att: Realtors in Orlando, New Listing in Avalon Park!

Attention Realtors in Orlando there’s a new listing in Avalon Park!

114454 Golden Tree Rain Blvd, Orlando, FL 32828

Realtors in Orlando will be clamoring to see this one! Are you looking for a Move-in ready, affordable home in the much sought-after community of Avalon park? Then look no further… your search ends here… Drop whatever you’re doing and schedule a showing before it’s gone! 14445 Golden Tree Rain Blvd is a beautifully designed and fairly priced home that’s completely ready to move in.

Move-In Ready!

This gem of a house boasts an open kitchen design making it the perfect spot for the whole family to gather while dinner is being prepared. There’s plenty of space for the kids to get their homework done or if you want to plan a dinner party with friends and family. The gourmet kitchen was designed to accommodate someone who loves to cook and bake. The aspiring chef in you will enjoy lots of counter space and cabinets that you’ll know what to do with. The stainless steel appliances are perfectly placed just right so you can move about the kitchen with ease as you prepare meals in your new home.

The generous master bedroom is large enough to fit a king-sized bed and the master bathroom is fit for a king and queen…with a separate shower and large soaking whirlpool tub to relax away your troubles. There’s also lots of room to get ready on those busy workdays with dual vanities and lots of counter space.

Young families will enjoy top-rated schools nearby and Downtown Avalon Park makes this a Desirable Community for everyone. Experience a wide range of shopping and dining options just minutes away from your new home.

Call or text 407-902-7750 now to schedule your private showing before it’s too late. Or visit us at

Property Specs:

2,298 Sq Ft.

4 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

2 Car Garage

Community Pool

Recreational Facilities- Park, Playground, and Racquetball

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