Why Use An Orlando Listing Agent?

Orlando Listing Agents Vs. FSBO

Recently, there has been an upward trend of Orlando homeowners attempting to sell their houses on their own by way of FSBO [For Sale By Owner]. They are convinced that they have a plan that will save them thousands of dollars by not using a real estate agent. Unfortunately, this is never the case. When someone is advertising an FSBO, they don’t realize that the money they set out to save by not using a real estate agent will usually be spent just by doing the things that a realtor usually does.

Think about it this way…If you had to go to court because of an important case that involves you, would you want to show up without an attorney? Of course not, that would be suicide. Then why on earth would you not want to be represented by a professional in the sale of your most valuable asset? I believe that some people have this idea about real estate agents being lazy and they feel that they can do anything a realtor can do.

Orlando Realtors are trained professionals that are licensed by the state of Florida. They provide services that are meant to ease the burden of selling a home and ensuring that everything gets done legally and in a timely manner. Also, realtors are able to market your home to a much larger audience than you could ever dream of reaching by listing it on the MLS in addition to all the other marketing tools that real estate agents have access to.

Use An Orlando Realtor With An Online Presence

These days, It’s important to choose an Orlando Realtor with a strong online presence because 85% of Florida home searches start online.  Every realtor has or should have access to the MLS.  The MLS or “Multiple Listing Service” is a service that allows realtors to submit their listings for maximum exposure.

However, a successful real estate agent won’t rely just on the MLS for marketing a house for sale. A top Orlando realtor will have a very strong online presence as well.  At the very least, they should at least have their own website.

Our company not only has a main website but we also use social media sites, Youtube videos, and a blog to market our properties. By using all the tools available to us, we’re able to sell our properties extremely fast compared to other real estate agents in Orlando.


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