• The days of Low Ball Offers on Orlando Real Estate are Long Gone!

  • Buyers are realizing that they have to Pay the Price if they want a quality Orlando Property

    Orlando Homebuyers have had the upper hand since 2006, but today’s reality tells quite a different story, sellers are back in the drivers seat. Prices of Orlando Realty have been rising steadily much like many other parts of Florida and inventory is way down.

    The problem with some Potential buyers is that they have trouble accepting the market has changed and they continually miss out on good deals because they bid too low. These days you have to go above the asking price to get taken seriously, and even then you might not get the house you’re after.

    Some buyers come into my office thinking that the Orlando Real Estate market is the same as it was when in 2008 and 2009 when sellers were desperate to sell their homes. Sellers are no longer desperate and they know that they now have the upper hand. The days of submitting low ball offers are over.

    A typical Orlando Seller considers a low ball offer to be anything below 90% of full asking price while on the other hand Buyers feel that offering 80-85% is a reasonable offer.


    Orlando Buyers are starting to get the “Big Picture”.

    Some people are the type to stick to their guns even if they’re wrong about something, however the majority of Orlando property buyers are starting to realize that if they want to get their hands on a quality piece of Orlando Realty, then they have to pay the price.