• TOR 012 : Who Pays The Realtor’s Commission?

  • ORLANDO REALTOR PODCASTHello and Welcome to the Top Orlando Realtor podcast , if you’ve been here before, we are happy to have you back 

    I’m your host John Conde with ORC and today we’ll be talking about how real estate agents get paid on a traditional real estate transaction. 

    How Orlando Real Estate Agents Get Paid

    • Real estate agents aren’t like other professionals who bill for their time hourly, or present an invoice at the end of a project. If a Realtor don’t produce, they don’t get paid.
    • Realtors should never charge an upfront fee.
    • Real estate commission is based on the sale price of home.
    • Everything in real estate is negotiable… including realtors commissions.
    • Commission usually get paid by the seller.
    • Orlando short sale transactions are different than traditional transactions


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