• Kailey’s Ridge Underway! Hunters Creek Residents React

  • Kaileys Ridge

     At first there were a lot of rumors and speculation among Hunters Creek residents about a new subdivision that may or may not be built. However, over the past year or so the question is more about “when” it will happen and not “if” it will happen.

     The long anticipated subdivision of Kailey’s Ridge in Hunters Creek is now an undeniable reality. Bulldozers are hard at work clearing out tens of thousands of trees along with the wildlife that once called those trees home. There are mixed feelings among residents of Hunters Creek and most aren’t particularly happy about the development of the new subdivision. Residents of the neighboring subdivision “Westshire” are especially displeased about having  to trade in their view of what was once conservation area to what will soon be an extension of Town Center Blvd.

    Hunters Creek

    The neighborhood of 127+ homes that are scheduled to be completed over the course of the next couple of years are already in high demand for people who have been wanting to live in the much sought after “Hunters Creek”.  Hunter’s Creek was voted the 21 best place to live in the entire US for 2013 so it’s no wonder houses that get put up for sale don’t usually last too long on the market.

    From  my understanding, prices on these new homes That will be built by Surrey Homes and Ryan Homes  will start in the high 300’s into the high 400’s.

     Increased traffic is also a concern for existing residents. Being a Hunters Creek resident myself, I’ve always liked the fact that Town center Blvd dead ends in Hunters Creek. It provides an extra sense of security just knowing that there’s only one way in and one way out of the neighborhood. This will no longer be the case. Just the other day I went on a bike ride with my 2 boys into that area and the road that goes around the construction area runs parallel to 417 South all the way to international Dr….I think… we got tired of riding and turned around once we saw the exit to Disney World.

    Being an Orlando realtor as well as a resident of Hunters Creek, I also have mixed feelings about the new development. On one hand, it’s good for business because we’ll have more opportunities for buying  and selling houses in Hunters Creek, but at the same time, the increased traffic, schools being more crowded, loss of wildlife conservation, etc. is just not exactly ideal for the neighborhood I call Home.

    John Conde Orlando Realtor