9 Reasons Why Some Homes in Orlando Sell Faster

Why is it that some homes in Orlando sell faster than others?

Have you ever wondered why some homes in Orlando sell much faster than others when they appear to be similar in the same neighborhood? The most obvious three reasons would be location, size, and condition. However, beyond that, some other factors can affect why some Orlando homes sell faster than others.

Great Curb Appeal- Top Realtors in Orlando say that the curb appeal of a home is the number one factor determining the amount of time that a home stays on the market. So if you’re selling a home in Orlando be sure that the front of your house looks the best that it can. Sometimes all it takes is a freshly cut lawn, manicured hedges, and a few colorful plants.

Homes ready to move-in- homes that are in “move-in ready” condition and are marketed as such usually sell much faster than homes in need of repair. Although there seems to be a million Orlando real estate investors buying fixer-uppers right now, the number of retail buyers is much higher.

Local School Districts- Homes that are located in A-rated school districts not only sell faster but also sell at a premium. For a young family, there’s a tremendous amount of value to them knowing that their kids will be going to the best schools. There’s it’s been researched that 1 in 5 Orlando home buyers would pay an additional 6 to 10 percent above their housing budget to be in a good school zone.

Professional Photography- As an Orlando realtor, it still baffles me how many listings I find on the MLS with horrible photos. If you want to sell your Orlando home fast for top dollar, make sure your agent uses top-quality photographs. Sometimes times, especially with our international buyers, people buy homes that they’ve never seen and all they have to go on is the photos. Also, homes in Orlando end up selling for more money when they have quality photos as opposed to homes with amateur-looking photography.

Have it staged elegantly staged- Homes that are tastefully staged sell 73% faster than homes that aren’t staged. If you can’t afford to have your home staged, you should at least make sure it’s decluttered and cleaned so it looks the best that it can for potential buyers.

Setting the listing price correctly- Homes that are priced at market value or just under have been proven to sell much faster than overpriced homes. Consult with your Orlando realtor to determine the correct listing price before putting it on the market.


Hiring a top Orlando Realtor– Buy hiring an experienced Orlando real estate agent who knows your community like the back of their hand, you’ll not only sell your home faster and for more money, but you’ll have the peace of mind knowing there’s a licensed real estate professional in your corner looking out for your best interests. Be sure to check an agent’s reviews and track record before hiring them.

Video and virtual tours- One thing we do with every one of our listings is to create a unique video showcasing the property. We do this because everyone loves watching videos and we share it on social networks, on the blog as well as the website. We’ve also found it to be a great sales tool to show potential buyers.

Home features- In addition to being an Orlando realtor, I also invest in Orlando real estate, mostly to buy and resell. I can tell you from experience that homes with certain upgrades like granite countertops, upgraded fixtures, and quality flooring. However, you shouldn’t over-invest in these upgrades unless you know you’ll get a return on your investment.

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Orlando Homes Face Tougher Mortgages

Prospective home purchasers have observed a significant price shift in house prices in the metropolitan Orlando area. This is coupled with a rise in mortgage rates and tougher mortgage rules for customers who carried substantial debt all through 2013.

Painful increase

According to Orlando realtors, Orlando homes put up for sale in the market have seen a sudden 20 percent increase in their listed price. According to Orlando Regional Realtors Association, buyers who bought a home for the first time at the fag-end of 2013 within 85 percent of the median price, and with a 10 percent down payment, were liable for an approximate monthly mortgage payment of $626, excluding insurance and taxes. This can be compared with the 2012 first-time buyers who paid just $453. As per calculations by Orlando real estate agents, the increase in mortgage payments will saddle homeowners with an extra $2,000 a year when it comes to housing expenses.

This is evident in the words of Teresa Myers, a Cocoa resident who has been searching for an Orlando house to reduce her husband’s commute time. She has informed the realtors in Orlando about her $200,000 budget and is still looking for an ideal home.

Adding to the woes of the buyer is the fluctuation in Orlando mortgage rates. The mortgage rate in Orlando has fluctuated all through 2013 for the fixed-rate 30-year mortgage, climbing from 3.46 percent in December 2012 to 4.57 percent in December 2013. According to economists, the mortgage rates in Orlando and also in the rest of the country will rise to five percent by the turn of 2015.

New mortgages harder to get

According to the US Census Bureau, homeownership in the Orlando metro area has reduced from 71 percent in 2008 to 63 percent in third quarter of 2013. Thus, a number of residents are finding it more convenient to rent a home than to own one. This makes more sense for would-be home buyers due to the new restrictions on mortgage qualifications, which were made effective from January, 2014.

New rules were introduced by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which disqualify buyers from getting a standard mortgage if their credit card, auto payments and other debts totals 43 percent or more of buyer’s monthly gross income. The debt to income ratios of prospective homebuyers could reach as high as 50 percent in previous years.

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