Homeowners Insurance Prices discouraging people from buying Orlando Real Estate

Florida Homeowner Insurance companies are having a negative effect on Orlando Real Estate Sales Even though the real estate market in Orlando is recovering in leaps and bounds, homeowners are not happy about the high price of Florida homeowners insurance. As a matter of fact, for some potential home buyers, it’s proven to be the  […]

Is your Orlando Realtor a part time Real Estate Agent?

Many Orlando Realtors have second jobs   The Income and business of Orlando Realtors is said to be growing after many years of decline, according to the 2012 national association of realtors member profile the median income of a realtor rose 2.3% to $34,000.00 in 2011, which is the first overall gain in over nine […]

Orlando Real Estate Agents are on the Move to in order to improve their earnings.

 Finding the best brokerage to work proves challenging for Orlando Realtors     Top Orlando agents are always looking to maximize their earnings and sometimes this can mean switching to a another brokerage for a higher percentage split or a more desirable area. I went through the same thing myself when I first started my […]

Orlando Realty Consultants Welcomes Top Agent “Ruth Miranda”

Orlando Realty Consultants Hires only the Best Agents   Orlando Realty Consultants, Inc., a leader in Central Florida real estate, has added short sale superstar Ruth Miranda to its team of top real estate professionals. Ruth Miranda is an enthusiastic go-getter with a genuine desire to help clients find the perfect place to call home […]

Frustrations Increase among active Orlando Real Estate Buyers

Active Orlando Realty buyers are more frustrated than ever   People that are actively searching for an Orlando property are getting more and more concerned about rising prices on quality Orlando homes and they have every right to be. Inventory is at an all time low while demand is through the roof. Many of them […]