Orlando Real Estate is Flipping Hot!


Orlando real estate is once again providing some of the best market conditions in the U.S. for house flippers to make a fat paycheck. Homes are in serious demand and prices keep rising. For smart investors, this means big money. The practice of buying homes and then rehabbing them to sell for a big profit reduced drastically during the prolonged downturn after the real estate market crash of 2007. Within the last two years or so, we’re seeing the Orlando Real Estate market get increasingly hotter

With home prices climbing again and buyers circling for deals like sharks in bloody water, rehabbers are again flooding back into the market to capitalize on the appreciation.

We’re also seeing a tremendous opportunity for people or companies that are able to buy houses in bulk, then turn around and flip them. It’s obvious that Orlando has completely changed to a seller’s market.

The company RealtyTrac analyzed over 700 metro areas in the nation where single-family homes were rehabbed and flipped last year. Then they selected the top 25 areas based on the gross profit as a percentage of the original sale price of the property.

Orlando’s ranking came as a result of over 2,500 single-family homes that were flipped in the past year, that’s over an 85% increase over the homes that were flipped in 2011-2012.

The average purchase price of those properties was around $120,000.00 with an average sale price of around $155,000.00. That means a $35,000.00 average gross profit on those flips which translates into a 32 percent yield according to RealtyTrac.

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