• Orlando Real Estate, the new 401k for retirees

  • Orlando real estate is once again a good investment for retirees

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    After the huge real estate bubble we experienced between 2000 thru 2006, we all learned a painful lesson in 2007 when the market tanked. It’s just not normal for Orlando real estate prices to double over the course f only seven years. When the market crashed, Orlando real estate prices dropped to 50% of where they were and in some areas of Orlando it was even more than that.

    What I have been seeing more of recently however,  is that people are considering Orlando realty as a good investment for retirement once again. Here in Orlando the bottoming process has already happened and prices have been on a steady rise. There is still a long way to go before we see a normal housing market, however historically low mortgage rates are helping the market by making the cost of ownership more affordable, assuming that the potential buyer can qualify.

    Sensing this opportunity, many are jumping into the rental market to boost retirement savings and income. There are however several important factors to consider when buying an Orlando property for the purpose of receiving a steady stream of income.


     5 Tips for potential Orlando Landlords

    1- Make sure that you buy at the right price- This is where working with an experienced Orlando realtor will pay off big. Make sure your agent shows you the recent comparables in the area. Chances are that you won’t find anything at 30% market value unless it needs work done, but you should be able to buy something at fair market value, which is OK if you’re thinking long term.

    2- Forget about flipping- The days of flipping houses for a huge profit are gone for the most part and you shouldn’t go into this thinking that you will be able to sell your investment property for twice what you paid for it in six months, it’s just not going to happen.

    3- Take advantage of Historically low mortgage rates- Even if a potential home buyer is able to purchase an Orlando Investment property, I always suggest to them that they should consider getting a mortgage. With historically low rates right now, it’s  a great opportunity for potential investors if they can qualify.

    4-Consider hiring a property management company- Being a landlord can be a great source of income if you’re up to the task. However,  I must warn you that it’s not for everyone. Landlords have to deal with not only the maintaining of the property, but they have to be available to tenants at a moment’s notice in case of emergencies. This is why you should consider hiring a property management company right from the start. You should work this expense into your budget before even buying your investment property so that you will know if the numbers make sense.

    5-Get familiar with Orange county eviction laws- If you become a land lord for any amount of time you can expect to have deal with an eviction or two [at least]. It’s very important that your rental agreements are solid an that you do background checks on ALL of your tenants no matter how  nice you think they are. It may cost you a few extra bucks to get a quality tenant into your house but I can tell you from experience that paying a bit more up front to do things correctly will save you time, money and headaches in the long run.

    It’s important for people considering Orlando real estate as retirement income to remember what the goal is. The goal is for the owner to be mortgage-free and to collect a steady stream of income on a house that’s free and clear.