• Orlando Realtor- Seller Series part 2

  • Hiring The Right Orlando Realtor¬†

    Downtown Orlando

    Selling a home can be a daunting task to take on yourself. There are many moving parts involved in selling a property  like marketing, showings, open houses, contract negotiations, and complicated paperwork to fill out. You can make things a lot easier on yourself be hiring an experienced listing agent.



    A top listing agent will have a fool proof and proven formula for marketing properties to the right people. This formula ensures that their client’s home fetches the highest possible in the least amount of time.



    An experienced realtor should be equipped to handle any type of real estate transaction no matter what price, condition or situation. Realtors at our brokerage for instance, each have an area of expertise consisting of listing specialists, buyer agents, short sale specialists, marketing experts and transaction coordinators. Each one is an expert in their niche.



    After a CMA [comparable market analysis] is completed on the property to determine an accurate listing price, the listing specialist will meet with the homeowner to discuss any issues that need to be addressed prior to showing the property such as minor repairs, landscaping, light staging, etc in order to improve curb appeal as well as make the inside look the best that it can.


    The property should then be advertised in many different ways including the MLS, through the agent’s blog or website, a video showcasing the property, open houses, direct mail as well as through local publications.


    Negotiating the price should be handled by the listing specialist to make sure that the homeowner gets the best price possible for their home that the market will allow. The homeowner will be informed of everything that happens every step of the way. The listing specialist’s job is to represent their client through the whole process of selling their home to ensure that the seller has the most pleasurable experience possible.



    Are you thinking of selling your Orlando Home? Contact Jenny Zamora Listing Specialist and Broker for the ORC team to set up a free consultation.