A Happy Home And A Good Investment

Living in a home that is both a good investment and the home you’ve always dreamed of is the ultimate goal for just about every homeowner. If your home is an older home then you probably have to work a bit harder to keep it maintained as opposed to a newer home. If you’re the kind of person that likes to constantly make improvements to your home to maintain or even increase its value. The good news is that the process of increasing the property value of any home isn’t all that difficult. 

Happy Home = Happy Life

People can sense when other people are happy as well as when they’re not happy. If you’re happy in your living space, it tends to be contagious to people that visit your home. Furnish your home with items that fit your taste and interests and no one else’s. Don’t worry so much about what the latest trends in home design if they really don’t appeal to you. If want to change things up a bit and need some ideas, you may want to consult with an interior designer that can work with you on making a few changes that will not only make you happy but also your guests.

 You can also get help from a real estate agent. Experienced realtors can be very helpful when it comes to making recommendations that will add true value to your home. Even if you feel that you will never sell your house, sometimes things change that are beyond your control and if your house’s design is appealing to both you and everyone else, it will be much easier to sell for the highest price.

Use Quality Materials Or Nothing

Whether your home needs a quick facelift or major surgery it’s important that you use quality materials. This is not only about you being happy while you live there but you should also consider that every penny you spend on your home should be an investment. You should make an effort to use designs and materials that increase your home’s value and ensure that your choices will last for generations to come.

Don’t Forget The Exterior
Creating a consistent look between the exterior and the interior of a home is a must. Having a nice front and backyard really enhances the overall feeling of a home and your guests will notice right away. Consider planting a few flowers near the front entrance for a splash of color.

Get Ideas From The Internet

If you don’t really trust your sense of style and you don’t want to spend money on a professional designer then Google it! The internet can be helpful in many ways to a homeowner searching for ideas. You can view countless images of every home design known to man to see what appeals to you and your sense of style.

 Once you have some ideas about how you would like to decorate your home, you don’t even need to leave your chair for the next step. You can do most or even all of your home furnishings shopping online. Great deals are available from private sellers as well as sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. at a fraction of the cost of the major retailers.

 Finding the right design and decor for your property shouldn’t be frustrating or difficult. It should be fun! Especially if you’re creating the look you’ve always dreamed of. If you enjoy the process, it will be easy and rewarding when you’re done. If you need help or ideas on making your home a happy one, call me. I’m here to help!

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Orlando Real Estate Market Still 5th In The Nation

Real Estate In Orlando Remains In Top 5 Markets For Investing

Are you looking for a great market to buy residential investment properties? Well, nothing’s a sure bet in this life, but the Orlando Real Estate Market  is one of the best in the nation for investing in single-family homes right now.

According to a list of the top twenty real estate markets for investing in the nation, Orlando comes in 5th place overall and number one in Florida.

The criteria that was used in determining was based on the growth of the population as well as job growth. Both of these circumstances are ideal for investing in single-family homes. All twenty of the markets that made the list increased in population by 2%.


Top 20 Real Estate Markets In The U.S For Investing:

  1. AustinRound Rock, TX
  2. HoustonBaytownSugar Land, TX
  3. RaleighCary, NC
  4. NashvilleDavidsonMurfreesboro, TN
  5. Orlando, FL
  6. Boise CityNampa, ID
  7. San Antonio, TX
  8. DenverAurora, CO
  9. CharlotteGastoniaConcord, NC
  10. North PortBradentonSarasota, FL
  11. Oklahoma City, OK
  12. PhoenixMesaScottsdale, AZ
  13. SeattleBellevueEverett, WA
  14. DallasPlanoIrving, TX
  15. OaklandFremontHayward, CA
  16. Fort WorthArlington, TX
  17. Las VegasParadise, NV
  18. Salt Lake City, UT
  19. San JoseSunnyvaleSanta Clara, CA
  20. San FranciscoSan MateoRedwood City, CA


Real Estate Agents In Orlando Are Elated!

Making #5 on the top twenty list in the nation is great press for attracting even more investors to the Orlando real estate market and Realtors in Orlando couldn’t be happier! Overall, most realtors have been busier this year when compared to the first quarter of 2014 and it’s because of the investor-friendly market we’re experiencing right now. Top Orlando Realtors are extremely busy right now with both buyers and sellers and will have to work even harder to keep up as we get further into 2015.


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Realtors In Orlando Ask: Sellers Where Are You?

If you’ve been keeping track of the Orlando Real Estate market lately you’re probably aware that housing recovery is in full swing. Lenders are advertising aggressively and new housing developments have been popping up all over Central FL. Mortgage companies are offering qualified buyers loans as low as 3%.

“Where are the sellers?” Realtors in Orlando ask.  Inventory continues to drop at an alarming rate and the homes that do hit the market are flying off the shelves. I feel bad for buyers’ agents because even if you have 100 buyers ready to go, you’re in trouble if there’s nothing to show them. From our own experience, the Orlando homes that do become available are usually under contract within the first week of being on the MLS.

For home buyers looking for their dream home, it can be challenging to say the least. And even if they do find what they’re looking for, they’re sure to encounter some heavy competition. As a matter of fact, competition is such that the days of taking a week to decide if you want to make an offer on it are long gone.

It appears that consumers are buying off the top and as soon as a house hits the market, it’s sold. Lately, when we show houses to potential buyers in certain neighborhoods, we bring a contract ready to go at the initial showing just to try and get an edge on the competition.

 Hang In There Buyers!

In our experience as Orlando Realtors, seller activity historically picks up during the spring season. This should give buyers a spark of hope in finding the perfect home. Many Orlando real estate agents that have been targeting buyers are now starting to hunt for sellers to try and help boost the inventory.

Tips On Making Your Offer Stand Above The Competition

  • Don’t send a low ball offer thinking that the seller will counter. With Orlando homes getting multiple offers low ball offers will be the first ones out. Submit a strong and fair offer right off the bat. This will ensure that your offer will stay on the table.
  • Have your financing ready to go. By being prepared with a pre-approval letter from your lender, you will be ahead of the game and your offer will be taken more seriously by the seller.
  • Add a personal touch. If this is truly the house for you, write a letter to the seller explaining why you want to live in the house so badly. For some sellers, it really does make a difference knowing that the person buying their home will love and enjoy it as much as they did. And if you have kids, talk about them also. If not, then get a puppy… lol!
  • Put down a larger deposit. Giving the sellers a larger deposit than they are asking for, it will show that you are truly committed to making the deal happen.

Many realtors in Orlando remain optimistic about the upcoming spring and summer seasons even though the supply and demand are soo out-of-whack right now.

If you or someone you know is considering selling right now or if you just want to find out how much your house is worth, please give me a call at 407-902-7750.   

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2015 Tips For De-Cluttering Your Orlando Home

With the introduction of the new year, resolutions are in full swing. It’s also the best time of the year to do a massive cleaning and de-cluttering of your Orlando home. For our family, the means to donate old toys, outdated furniture, and other objects so that we can utilize the extra space in each room. It’s actually something that I really enjoy doing because it gives me that sense of a new beginning. I don’t know what you’d call the opposite of a hoarder, but that’s me [out with the old, in with the new!].

For some people, however, this can be a painful process. Just the idea of cleaning out those daunting cabinets, closets, and drawers can make them want to run for the hills.

6 Step Guide To De-Cluttering Your Orlando House With No Stress

  1. Don’t Try to Do it All at Once! This will make the task seem overwhelming and impossible. Pick the room that’s the most cluttered in the house and start de-cluttering, one room at a time. I like to start with the biggest items and work my way down to the small stuff. You can put the things you want to keep in a storage facility or your garage and donate everything else. You will see that once you get started it’s kind of hard to stop (It is for me anyway). The more you get rid of, the better you feel.
  2. Decide What Stays and What Goes. When moving the things back into the room after cleaning, it’s a great time for you to ask yourself; does it stay or is it history? Bring the items back into the space one at a time.
  3. Get Organized! When clearing everything output similar items together in a box. This will allow you to take inventory and get rid of unnecessary duplicate items scattered throughout the house.
  4. Stay Organized! When you’re to start putting things away, make sure that you place things in a location that makes sense. For items that you use day-to-day, put them in a location that’s easy to access. For other items that may not get used that often, maybe a high cabinet space or in the closet. Having a specific place for the items you wish to keep will prevent things from ending up all over the house again.
  5. Don’t Procrastinate! Once you’ve figured out what gets thrown away and what gets donated then either throw it away or take it to the donation box immediately. Don’t put it off, the sooner you get that stuff out of your house and clear from your mind the better off you’ll be and you’ll have a better of preventing clutter from returning
  6. Clutter Prevention. It’s a good idea to not purchase items unless you need them. If you’re like my wife, then you love a good bargain and sometimes it’s hard to resist getting a good deal on something,…even if you don’t need it! Take a moment to think about where you will put it in your home, will you really use it? Where will you store it? I the answers don’t make sense, don’t make the purchase.

The key to keeping you’re home de-cluttered is to keep things organized by creating a system that enables you to keep your home free from clutter every day. Once you’ve committed yourself to be clutter-free, you’ll feel better and actually be healthier. If your home is free of clutter, then your mind will be able to focus with less effort for maximum production.

Working as an Orlando listing specialist, I’m always giving my clients tips and advice for staging the home before listing it. The first thing on my list of recommendations is always to clean and de-clutter the home. Doing this step alone will make a huge difference in the way the house shows and together with my other staging recommendations will ultimately attract more buyers and a higher selling price. If you need help or advice on helping you to sell your Orlando house, call me today! I’m happy to help.

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Orlando Realtor- Seller Series part 2

Hiring The Right Orlando Realtor 

Selling a home can be a daunting task to take on yourself. There are many moving parts involved in selling a property  like marketing, showings, open houses, contract negotiations, and complicated paperwork to fill out. You can make things a lot easier on yourself be hiring an experienced listing agent.

A top listing agent will have a foolproof and proven formula for marketing properties to the right people. This formula ensures that their client’s home fetches the highest possible in the least amount of time.

An experienced realtor should be equipped to handle any type of real estate transaction no matter what price, condition or situation. Realtors at our brokerage for instance, each have an area of expertise consisting of listing specialists, buyer agents, short sale specialists, marketing experts and transaction coordinators. Each one is an expert in their niche.

After a CMA [comparable market analysis] is completed on the property to determine an accurate listing price, the listing specialist will meet with the homeowner to discuss any issues that need to be addressed prior to showing the property such as minor repairs, landscaping, light staging, etc in order to improve curb appeal as well as make the inside look the best that it can.

The property should then be advertised in many different ways including the MLS, through the agent’s blog or website, a video showcasing the property, open houses, direct mail as well as through local publications.

Negotiating the price should be handled by the listing specialist to make sure that the homeowner gets the best price possible for their home that the market will allow. The homeowner will be informed of everything that happens every step of the way. The listing specialist’s job is to represent their client through the whole process of selling their home to ensure that the seller has the most pleasurable experience possible.

Are you thinking of selling your Orlando Home? Contact Jenny Zamora Listing Specialist and Broker for the ORC team to set up a free consultation.

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