• Orlando Short Sale Realtors outsourcing short sales to unlicensed 3rd Parties

  •  “Orlando Short Sale Realtors” using unlicensed negotiators to do the work

    It’s recently come to my attention that certain Orlando realtors that claim to be “Short Sale Experts” are actually outsourcing their short sales to  unlicensed third party negotiators. Now, I’ve heard of  real estate attorneys outsourcing their short sales to licensed real estate agents, which to me makes perfect sense especially because by law the property must be listed on the Multiple Listing Service. However, when a licensed realtor marketing themselves as an Orlando short sale expert or specialist goes out and hires a non -licensed 3rd party negotiator it just doesn’t seem right and in my opinion is just downright deceiving to the homeowner.
    When a realtor goes to a listing appointment to meet a potential client, they are making a commitment to that client as the realtor that will be representing them throughout the entire short sale process and look out for their best interest every step of the way. Do you really think that they would get the listing if they told the seller “By the way, I will be turning your file over to an unlicensed negotiator for them to work the entire short sale process with your lender and hopefully we can someone to buy it”… No Way!

    The truth of the matter is, escrow officers, title representatives, and many of these amateur negotiators are inexperienced and they can cause a deal to fall apart. They lack the proper experience knowledge and care that a transaction of this sensitivity needs. A true Orlando short sale expert knows the urgency of the transaction and possesses the skills, experience and tenacity to get things done. Running a successful Orlando Real estate brokerage requires the outsourcing of many things such as; marketing, lock changing, cleaning crews, posting for sale signs, etc.  However, if a realtor is outsourcing the most important part of any real estate transaction which the processing and negotiating, then maybe that realtor needs to find another profession.

    Choosing a Short Sale Realtor that’s right for You

    As an Orlando homeowner you deserve the best chance at negotiating a successful short sale with an experienced realtor that’s willing to work hard for you throughout the whole short sale process from beginning to end. That’s why it’s soo important to important to to research a realtors track record as well as ask for testimonials, etc. If you’re in the market for a true Orlando Short Sale expert, read my article “A Typical Work day for an Orlando Short Sale Specialist”. It will help you in choosing the best agent to meet your particular needs.