Storytelling Sells Homes for Top Dollar!

  Creating an emotional attachment for your home can get it sold faster than you can say Uncle. Out of the blue, we received a call from potential clients, Doug and Barbara, about them wanting us to list their home for them in Downtown Orlando. They were referred to us by Doug’s parents Rick and […]

Orlando Short Sales,… Know The Rules!

  Don’t let the name fool you, Orlando short sales take a long time! The reason being is that a short sale means that the bank loses money so you can’t blame them for not being in a rush. This can however be helpful to the homeowner by allowing them time to get their house […]

Tips On Re-Habbing Homes In Orlando

 Buying Homes In Orlando   When you buy an Orlando investment property that you intend to fix and flip, there are three different ways it can go. You either make a nice profit, you break even or you lose money.   Obviously no one wants to lose money or break even because breaking even is […]

Top Low-Cost Improvements For Selling Your Orlando Home

Top Improvements For Selling Your Orlando Home   These days there’s more competition for home sellers than ever. To stay ahead of the competition  sellers would be wise to utilize the most cost effective ways to improve their home making it more attractive to potential buyers.   Typically, there are 2 categories that home improvements […]

How Much Mortgage Can You Afford?

Know How Much Of A Mortgage You Can Afford Are you unsure about how much mortgage you can afford to pay on a home? If so, then you’re not ready to take the next step until you figure out a few things. By being sure about how much of a payment you can handle without […]