Avoiding the Orlando Loan Modification Mine Field

  Loan modifications have helped thousands of Orlando homeowners to keep their homes.     However, you must be aware of the fine print and know exactly what it will mean to you. Sometimes the terms of a loan modification are often worse than the original mortgage. The best loan modifications are when you are […]

The world of Orlando Short Sales may be coming to a screeching halt

What will happen to Orlando short sales if the Mortgage debt relief Act of 2007 is not extended?     Short sales have been very popular since the market crashed in 2007,  mainly because sellers have the  benefit of not being taxed for the deficiency between the mortgage amount and the actual  payoff. What people […]

Homeowners Insurance Prices discouraging people from buying Orlando Real Estate

Florida Homeowner Insurance companies are having a negative effect on Orlando Real Estate Sales Even though the real estate market in Orlando is recovering in leaps and bounds, homeowners are not happy about the high price of Florida homeowners insurance. As a matter of fact, for some potential home buyers, it’s proven to be the  […]

David Siegel’s Mansion puts Orlando Real Estate in the record books

Orlando Mansion Officially the largest house in North America     Orlando real estate currently has the record for having the largest singe family residence in North America. At 90,000 square feet David and Jackie Siegel have nicknamed their Orlando property  “Versailles”  after the royal château in Versailles in the Île-de-France region of France. This […]

The HARP Program is a Real “Life Changer” for Orlando Homeowners

  What Is The HARP Program?   HARP is the Home Affordable Refinance Program. It was an initiative by the Obama Administration begun in 2009 to allow underwater homeowners to refinance their homes at today’s low mortgage rates. The program is currently available to homeowners through June 30, 2012.   If you are current on […]