Orlando Short Sale Buying Tips

Buying a short sale home can potentially land you a deal of a lifetime. It can be a long drawn out process but if you can mange to hang in there until the end, chances are that you’ll be glad you did.   Our brokerage specializes in doing short sales for distressed homeowners and I […]

Orlando Short Sale Expert Press Conference Video

Orlando Short Sale Expert Press Conference Video Transcript  | Orlando Realtor   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fkiLAs3k_k   From Speaker: “Hello Everyone My name is John Conde on behalf of Orlando Realty Consultants THIS IS A PRE-FORECLOSURE SITUATION! We don’t have much time. We’re here to talk about short sales today I know you all have a lot of […]

There are Reasons why we’re called “Short Sale Specialists”

Like any profession in the world, there are specialists in every field… Orlando short sales are no different. If  you’ve ever attempted to do a short sale, you know that not only can things get frustrating but the situation can change at a moment’s notice without any warning what-so-ever. You could be negotiating with a […]

Orlando Short Sale Realtor, A labor of Love

  I remember when I  became a FL REALTOR back in 2004, the gentleman speaking  at the podium that day, I don’t recall his name but something that he said that day resonated with me and still does until this day. He said, “when practicing real estate don’t make it about the money,… you’ll make […]

Orlando Short Sales…anything but short

Short Sales…. Long time For potential buyers short sales can mean either getting a great deal or going through a very frustrating ordeal. by first impression a short sale implies a getting good deal on a home, kind of like a house as being on sale “houses 30% off! “. However, you should know what’s […]