Top Orlando Realtor Testimonial VIDEO

Top Orlando Realtor Testimonial VIDEO

This is the story of David Millerton. This was a special listing client because he lived in New York with his family and had no plans of coming to Florida in order to get his Orlando vacation home sold. Lucky for David that we deal with many absentee homeowners that would prefer to complete the entire process by mail.


We were able to help David and his family get their Orlando vacation home sold for top dollar in a very short time. The funny thing is that we’ve never even met David in person to this day.

Sometimes people need to sell their homes but they live in another state and have no time to deal with the process. At Orlando Realty Consultants, this isn’t a problem. We can do everything for you through the mail.

After an initial phone consultation with our Orlando Listing Specialist, we’ll make a plan that meets your busy schedule. From the signing of the listing agreement, all the way through to the closing of the transaction everything is done by mail.

By doing this we’ve been able to save our out-of-state listing clients thousands of dollars in airfare, rental cars, and hotel stays. Don’t take our word for it, watch the video!

Video Transcript

“I used Jenny Zamora to sell my vacation home in Orlando while Living in New York. She listed my house and we started getting offers in the first week.

The buyer was able to close in just 4 weeks. Jenny and her team at Orlando Realty Consultants made everything easy and saved us thousands in airfare by allowing us to close via Fed Ex.

I highly recommend this company if you need to sell a home in Orlando Great job Guys!”

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Do You Need An Attorney To Short Sale?

Do You Need An Attorney To Short Sale? 407-902-7750 Video

There’s a common misconception among distressed homeowners that you need to hire an attorney in order to complete a short sale on your home. The truth is that you don’t need to hire an attorney in order to complete a short sale.  The lender does however require that a licensed real estate agent represent the seller in order for a short sale to be approved.

There are some cases where you would want to consult with an attorney such as;  if there’s title issues, the property’s in probate or if there’s a Bankruptcy involved, etc.

Now with that being said, most of the time you don’t need to hire an attorney to short sale your home.

One of the most popular reasons why people hire a short-sale realtor instead of an attorney is the cost. Attorneys can charge you thousands of dollars to do your short sale, whereas a licensed realtor does it for free.

Wouldn’t you rather save your money instead of turning it over to a lawyer?

A realtor only gets paid if the short sale closes, and they get paid by the lender,it doesn’t cost the homeowner a dime. Not only that, but most of the time we get you cash back a closing. We’ve gotten our clients anywhere from $3,00 to $30,000.00 back at closing.

There are currently thousands of Orlando homeowners that are looking for help with their situation. The process isn’t just hard, It’s scary. We’re talking about potentially getting kicked out of your home. This is why it’s crucial that you get help from a proven Orlando Short sale Expert.

We understand this which is why we are devoted to helping people that are facing foreclosure and financial hardship to find solutions to their real estate needs.

If you or someone you know needs help with a short sale. visit our website at or just give us a call at 407-902-7750 for a Free consultation.



Orlando short sale expert

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Orlando Short Sale Buying Tips


Buying a short sale home can potentially land you a deal of a lifetime. It can be a long drawn out process but if you can mange to hang in there until the end, chances are that you’ll be glad you did.


Our brokerage specializes in doing short sales for distressed homeowners and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve lost buyers potential buyers because they get tired of waiting on the lenders.


The flip side to that is we’ve also had many clients that were willing to hang in there and see it through to the end. By doing so they ended up with a heck of a deal.


If you’re one of those people willing to stay the course throughout a short sale process, then here are some tips that might help see you through.


1- Enlist the help of an Orlando short sale specialist.

An experienced short sale realtor can quickly provide you a list of all the properties that are listed as short sales in the area that you’re interested in. They can also advise you on negotiating an offer. “Short sale specialists” can easily be found on Google.

Interview at least three realtors and ask them to provide you with references from past clients.


2-Do A Title Search

It would be wise to do a title search to find out how many liens are on the property. In a short sale, each lien holder must be dealt with and satisfied before you can close on a property.

Your realtor should be able to help you with this because if they close a lot of deals with the same title company then they should be willing to provide a quick title search either free of charge or at least at a discounted rate. Title searches usually cost between $200-$300.


3-Be Patient

There are many moving parts in a short sale but there are two main things that need to happen. The sellers must first agree to your offer, then the lender must also agree to the offer.

There’s a whole lot of paperwork going back-and-forth between the sellers and the lender which can sometimes take several months to process depending on who the lender is. If there are second and third lien holders, it can take even more time.


4-Have Your Financing Ready To Go

It’s always best to offer cash in these transactions. This will capture the lenders attention and your offer may get accepted even over a higher offer that depends on financing. However for most people, paying cash for a property is not an option. The next best thing is to be pre-approved by a lender to make sure you can close quickly.





Orlando short sale expert

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Who Decides The Value Of A Short Sale?

Who Decides The Value Of A Short Sale?
The valuation of a short sale, as determined by the short sale lender, is probably the single most important factor of the transaction.

The way it works is; after an offer gets submitted to the lender, the bank will then order a BPO.. AKA [Brokers price opinion] on the property.

 This person will usually be a local realtor that will go out to the property, and after doing their research on recent sales in the neighborhood, will give the lender their opinion of what the property is worth.

Whatever, the BPO comes in at will be the negotiating point between the lender and potential buyer.

Does it matter if the house needs repairs?

Yes, it does matter and that is something that they are supposed to take into consideration when giving their estimation of value.

After they do the BPO there are 3 things that can potentially happen that will dictate what follows.

1- The BPO comes in at a fair number that everyone is happy with and we proceed to closing.

2- The BPO comes in too low and the bank insists on another one being done.

3-The BPO comes in so ridiculously high that the buyer threatens to walk. Now when this happens, the agent must do whatever it takes to prove to the bank, that the BPO agent got it wrong.

We do this by preparing an in depth report of our own called a CMA which is also known as a comparative market analysis. This report contains even more information than the BPO agent provided them with.

What a CMA basically comes down to is a list of Active, Pending and Sold properties in the area. And the whole purpose behind this is to get the lender to order another BPO or if we’re lucky they’ll just use ours.

In the end, after all the dust settles, the lenders are the ones that decide how much they are willing to accept for the property.

I hope this was helpful in answering your questions. Feel free to call us at 407-902-7750 or visit for Free short sale help.

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Who Makes The Final Decision On An Orlando Short Sale?

Orlando Short Sale Help



Is your mortgage with one of the large banks like Bank of America, Chase or Wells Fargo? You may be surprised to hear that these lenders don’t usually make the decision on whether or not to approve your Orlando short sale.

It’s a common misconception really but the truth is that these lenders are just servicing these loans for the Investor.

So, who is the investor you ask? The investor in most of these scenarios is usually a corporation, a hedge fund or a firm on Wall Street. It could also be a what’s called MBS or “Mortgage Backed Securities”.

The “Investor”  can also be a government-sponsored entity like Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. These are referred to as GSEs or “Government Sponsored Entities“.  What most people don’t know is that if your lender or servicer refuses your short sale, your Orlando realtor can contact the investor directly. Most real estate agents are unaware of this and will typically go by whatever the servicing company decides.

Usually, when we contact the investor after the short sale has been denied by the bank or servicing company, we get them to reassess the short sale. It’s a matter of convincing them to accept the short sale based on the hardship of the homeowner and the true market value of the home taking into account all of the repairs that need to happen in order to get the home market-ready.

What we’ve noticed from our own experience is that the “Investor” or “third party” will do a much better job of assessing the short sale offer that was put forth… especially, because it’s their money. After they review the file and if it makes sense to them. The short sale offer is then approved and the investor will ensure that the servicing company is aware of what took place. 

This has proven to be helpful in cases where the lender has asked for a seller contribution and they threaten to close the file unless the homeowner agrees to sign a promissory note for the deficiency.  Sometimes servicing companies will reject a short sale without good reason. Other times the negotiator will have demands that just plain irrational such as wanting more than fair market value or not considering the repairs that need to happen.


Why Orlando Short Sale Negotiators Kill Fair Deals?

Being an Orlando short sale realtor for so many years I still get frustrated when the negotiator stands in the way of a perfectly fair transaction. Why in the world would a negotiator do this? I’ve come up with several theories like maybe they get a bonus for obtaining a higher offer and closing it…or maybe they’re just bitter.      

I realize that this might be a surprise to many homeowners but the truth is that this happens more times than it should. If you’re having trouble getting your short sale approved, then find out who the investor is and inform them of what their servicing company is doing to you.  

Our company has been able to get several Orlando short sales approved just by bypassing the servicing company and contacting the investor directly whenever the servicer doesn’t cooperate. If you or someone you know needs help with an Orlando short sale contact us at 407-902-7750 or just visit



Orlando short sale expert

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