• Orlando Real Estate remains strong, despite a dip in prices at the end of summer

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    Summer’s gone and Orlando Real estate takes a drop

    Prices of Orlando real estate dropped slightly last month for the first in a year. Don’t panic Orlando homeowners, this happens every year at this time. The reason for the drop is mostly due to the ending of peak of the summer buying season. Two facts remain true, Orlando real estate inventory is low and demand for great Orlando properties remains high. As long as these factors remain a part of the Orlando real estate market, sellers will be able to get top dollar for  their Orlando Home.


    Other factors indicating a strong Orlando Real Estate market

    Orlando homes are selling faster and for more than they did a year ago. Studies  show that Orlando homes are spending less than 80 days on the market  before coming under contract and selling  for almost  97% of the listing price. A year ago, Orlando Realty was selling for less than 95% of the listing price and these properties listed on the  MLS for over 100 days.

    Great mortgage interest rates are  still being offered by lenders. The average interest rates currently being offered for Orlando home buyers is at 3.78 percent as opposed to year ago, when home buyers paid an average interest rate of 4.26 percent. This is a huge incentive right now for potential Orlando home buyers and anyone interested in buying real estate in Orlando should definitely take advantage of these historically low interest rates.

    There are more regular listings in the Orlando real estate market than has been in years. Although Orlando short sales and REO’s still rule Orlando real estate inventory right now, there is another quieter group that are not desperate to  sell their Orlando properties.  Believe it or not, every one on three homeowners own their house “free and clear”. This group as well as homeowners with very small mortgages on their home are able to ask for top dollar on their Orlando home and they don’t care if it sells or not. Their way of thinking is “I will sell for the right price and if not then I’m not selling”. I’ve had several clients like this over the years, and homeowners like these actually help to maintain property values up in their neighborhoods because their listing prices remain high and they really don’t care how long it takes to sell.


    Right now is  a great tome to sell your Orlando Home

    Considering all the factors in play right now with Orlando Real Estate, it’s a great time to sell your home. Whether you need an Orlando short Sale done or you’re o of the few and fortunate people that own your property Free and Clear. If you’re interested in seeing how much your Orlando property will sell for click on “How much is my Orlando property worth?” or you can come and see me for a free consultation and I would be happy to sit and talk with you.