48 Ways to Speed up an Orlando Home Sale

Accurate Home Evaluation- Contact an experienced Orlando Realtor to walk through and give you some ideas about what needs updating, repaired, or removed.

Repair damaged walls- patch and paint.

Replace damaged or cracked floor tiles.

Lubricate any squeaky doors.

Repair any sticky windows.

Repair any leaky faucets or toilets

Re-caulk sinks and tubs

Repair or replace any broken windows or screens

Replace nobs on cabinets [if needed]

Update your lighting fixtures [if needed]

Update blinds [if needed]

Replace faucets and showerheads, [if needed]      

Paint the interior in neutral colors

Paint exterior doors and window trim

Paint shutters

Repaint exterior [if needed]

Brighten- Remove heavy window treatments that block light

Wash all windows thoroughly

Increase the wattage of light bulbs

Replace dark lamp shades

Depersonalize- Remove family photos

Store knickknacks and trinkets

DE-CLUTTER Thin out the books on your shelves

Empty kitchen counters

Place out-of-season clothing in storage

Rent a storage unit to store unneeded items

Organize the pantry

Organize closets

Organize basement

Organize garage and shed

CLEAN- Clean all interior surfaces

Wash windows and doors

Air out and clean in cabinets and under sinks

Power wash exterior of house and sidewalks

Clean outdoor furniture

Clean porch lights of cobwebs 

HIDE SIGNS OF PETS- Remove pet smells

Hide pet food and bowls

Take pets for a walk during showings or send them to daycare during open houses

STAGE INSIDE- Reduce the amount of furniture in each room

Organize furniture to create seating areas and give each part of the home a purpose

Place fresh cut flowers around the home during showings

PRUNE AND LANDSCAPE Remove dead plants

Prune or replace overgrown shrubs

Fill open spots with seasonal flowers

Add fresh mulch to beds

STAGE OUTSIDE- Make sure the front porch/entryway is clean and inviting

Use outdoor furniture to create inviting spaces

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Orlando Realtor- Seller Series part 1

This series is dedicated to Orlando homeowners that want to sell their property for top dollar in the least amount of time but aren’t sure how to get started.

 Over the next few weeks, we will be revealing a 6 step formula for selling an Orlando home quickly for the highest amount possible. This edition will serve as an overview of the steps that will be broken down in detail over the next month or so.

 You must first seek out an experienced Orlando Realtor with a reputation for getting the job. At our brokerage this person is known as a “Listing Specialist.

 A Listing Specialist is exactly what it sounds like…a realtor that specializes in listing properties and nothing else. It’s no secret that if someone dedicates and focuses themselves at doing just one thing, they will become experts in their niche or their “one thing”.

A Listing Specialist will sit with you and discuss your time table for selling as well as the profit needed at the closing of the sale. They will also lay out the best plan of action to market the house and get the results you desire.

 Another critical step to selling your house is to price it right. Your realtor should prepare a detailed CMA [comparable market analysis] and go through it with you. This in-depth report of your home together with current market trends will help to determine what the highest listing price for your home will be.

 It’s then time to get the home ready for showings. You only one chance to make a first impression which is why it’s good idea to clean, de-clutter and even do some light staging if possible. A Listing Specialist can offer the seller tips on how to make the home look the best that it can without breaking the bank.

 Next, your realtor will help you to negotiate the offers that come in. Terms like contract price, contingencies in the contract, inspection periods, and closing date are all negotiable and an experienced realtor can prove invaluable in these instances.

 Once an offer has been accepted and a contract has been signed, you can start making plans to move out. You can count on your Orlando listing agent to be at your side at the closing table along with the buyer and the buyer’s agent and the title company. Once everyone signs the paperwork it becomes official and your you will receive your proceeds from the sale. 

Feel free to submit your questions or comments about this post below. For a quicker response, contact Jenny Zamora Lic Broker/ Listing Specialist at Orlando Realty Consultants at: 407-902-7750

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An outrageous claim made today by a top real estate brokerage… Orlando Realty Consultants guarantees to sell your house in 30 days or less for top dollar or they will buy it themselves!

You heard it, right folks! Any Price, condition, or situation!

Even if you’re facing foreclosure!

This team of short-sale experts will get the job done no matter what Jenny Zamora Owner and broker of the company says their unmatched success rate at selling homes for top dollar is credited to her team of highly experienced Orlando realtors.

Top Orlando Realtor Breaking News

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Orlando homeowners that want to sell their home fast for top dollar should contact Orlando Realty Consultants immediately by using the information at the bottom of the screen.

Good Night Orlando!

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