The world of Orlando Short Sales may be coming to a screeching halt

What will happen to Orlando short sales if the Mortgage debt relief Act of 2007 is not extended?     Short sales have been very popular since the market crashed in 2007,  mainly because sellers have the  benefit of not being taxed for the deficiency between the mortgage amount and the actual  payoff. What people […]

Orlando Real Estate, the new 401k for retirees

Orlando real estate is once again a good investment for retirees     After the huge real estate bubble we experienced between 2000 thru 2006, we all learned a painful lesson in 2007 when the market tanked. It’s just not normal for Orlando real estate prices to double over the course f only seven years. […]

3 Best Tips to Selling your Orlando Home Fast with Little or no Money

When it comes to Selling Orlando Real Estate, there’s only one chance to Sweep potential buyers Off their Feet.         Top Orlando realtors know the importance of staging a house to get it sold. The truth is, with the exception of owner occupied homes that are furnished because the homeowners still live […]

Hunters Creek Florida Voted one of America’s Best Neighborhoods!

Hunters Creek, FL comes in at number 21 for best places to live in the U.S. Twenty one is a pretty good number considering all the great places there are to live in the entire US. As a resident and business owner in Hunters Creek I’m very proud of my neighborhood, but Hunters Creek Real […]