The Closing Process

Once there is a solid offer on a property, it’s time to begin the closing process. The closing process can be explained best by breaking it down into steps.

The first step is the signing of the contract by both the buyers and sellers. This is done after both parties have agreed to all the terms of the sale including price, repairs, contingencies etc.

When both parties sign the contract, it’s then referred to as an executed contract. The next step is for the buyer to deposit a pre-determined amount of money [earnest money deposit] into an escrow account. The earnest money deposit shows that the buyer is fully committed to the transaction.

The executed contract is then sent immediately to the buyer’s lender as well as the title company so that each party can get to work on closing the transaction. Usually, there is a period of time specified in the contract [inspection period] which is used for the buyer to complete any necessary inspections of the home. This time also allows the seller to make any necessary repairs that were previously agreed upon by both the buyers and sellers.

It is the realtor’s job to work together with the title company to collect all the necessary documentation. The title company then prepares a document known as a HUD-1 settlement statement. The HUD-1 is an extremely important document because it outlines all the charges associated with the sale of the home from both sides of the transaction including property taxes, commissions, outstanding HOA fees, etc.

Most importantly for the seller, it will give them a clear indication of what they will net after the sale transpires. An experienced Orlando realtor has the ability to read through the HUD -1 and quickly determine if anything is wrong and if all figures have been calculated correctly. The final step is for both parties to sign all necessary paperwork to make it official.

If you’re considering selling your home, don’t try to do it without help. Trying to buy or sell a home without the help of an experienced real estate agent could end up costing you thousands of dollars and a bunch of headaches. Contact one of our listing specialists to set up a free consultation.



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Do You Need An Attorney To Short Sale?

Do You Need An Attorney To Short Sale? 407-902-7750 Video

There’s a common misconception among distressed homeowners that you need to hire an attorney in order to complete a short sale on your home. The truth is that you don’t need to hire an attorney in order to complete a short sale.  The lender does however require that a licensed real estate agent represent the seller in order for a short sale to be approved.

There are some cases where you would want to consult with an attorney such as;  if there’s title issues, the property’s in probate or if there’s a Bankruptcy involved, etc.

Now with that being said, most of the time you don’t need to hire an attorney to short sale your home.

One of the most popular reasons why people hire a short-sale realtor instead of an attorney is the cost. Attorneys can charge you thousands of dollars to do your short sale, whereas a licensed realtor does it for free.

Wouldn’t you rather save your money instead of turning it over to a lawyer?

A realtor only gets paid if the short sale closes, and they get paid by the lender,it doesn’t cost the homeowner a dime. Not only that, but most of the time we get you cash back a closing. We’ve gotten our clients anywhere from $3,00 to $30,000.00 back at closing.

There are currently thousands of Orlando homeowners that are looking for help with their situation. The process isn’t just hard, It’s scary. We’re talking about potentially getting kicked out of your home. This is why it’s crucial that you get help from a proven Orlando Short sale Expert.

We understand this which is why we are devoted to helping people that are facing foreclosure and financial hardship to find solutions to their real estate needs.

If you or someone you know needs help with a short sale. visit our website at or just give us a call at 407-902-7750 for a Free consultation.



Orlando short sale expert

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Jenny Zamora Real Estate Broker

Hi, I’m Jenny Zamora, your licensed Orlando real estate broker.
I’ll provide you with a free property analysis of what your Orlando home is worth in today’s market.

Jenny Zamora Real Estate Broker 407-902-7750 

I can also give you access to all the homes listed for sale on the MLS so that you can find Florida homes that are for sale just like a pro all from the comfort of your own home.

You can contact me at 407-902-7750 or you can reach me through my company website at

About my company

Orlando Realty Consultants is a top-ranked, full-service Real Estate brokerage located in Orlando, Florida which specializes in doing Orlando Short Sales and Foreclosure Prevention. Our team is made up of highly experienced Orlando realtors.

We provide Professional Real Estate solutions for both home buyers and sellers. Our diverse team of Orlando real estate experts has experience in all aspects of Real Estate.

We will work with you to make your home purchases and sales process as simple as possible while providing you with the most up-to-date information on your transaction process as it develops.

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Jenny Zamora Seller Testimonial VIDEO

This is the story of Amy Connor and her family. The Connors listed their Orlando home with Jenny Zamora in June of 2014.

Jenny Zamora Seller Testimonial VIDEO


This is the story of Amy Connor and her family. The Connors listed their Orlando home with Jenny Zamora in June of 2014.

Due to the nature of their business, they traveled out of the country often and were never around. Within the first week or so, the property was shown several times. At the end of week two, there was a contract on the home and the closing occurred just twelve days later.

Jenny Zamora was able to sell Connor’s Orlando home for top dollar in less than a month after just one initial meeting with the family, but don’t take my word for it,..just watch the video!

Video Transcript

“We listed and sold our house in Orlando with Jenny Zamora in June 2014.

Jenny and her team were able to guide us at every stage of the home selling process. We had several showings within the first 10 days of listing and subsequently had a contract within 2 weeks.

We had a lot of moving parts to the home selling due to our being in and out of the country and us moving out of state, and Jenny and her team were able to pull everything together with such ease… On behalf of The Connor family…. thank you to the Orlando Realty Consultants team!

it has been a pleasure to work with you!”

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6 Questions To Ask Your Orlando Realtor

If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in Orlando, you probably have a ton of questions about the Orlando real estate market and how much your house will sell for. In addition to these questions, there are other questions you should be asking an Orlando realtor before you commit to working with them. 

1- Are you a realtor or just a real estate agent?

It’s important to know that a “REALTOR” is more than just a licensed real estate agent. A realtor belongs to an organization known as the National Association of Realtors [NAR]. Realtors operate under a code of ethics that exceeds what might be demanded of other real estate professionals. You should also ask your realtor about any other industry certifications they may have.

2- How much commission do you charge?

Realtors have the power to negotiate their commission. Find out how much they usually charge and ask if they will be willing to give you a better rate than usual. Although some realtors are given strict guidelines by the brokers that they work for, it never hurts to ask.

3- What makes you different than other realtors?

This question will really put the realtor on the spot and provide you with the opportunity to see how they react to it.  You’ll also see what kind of personality they have and if it meshes well with yours. Remember, this is someone that you’ll be dealing with on an everyday basis so it’s important that you feel comfortable with them.

4- How will you market my house?

Unfortunately, some realtors rely solely on the Multiple Listing Service [MLS] to sell their homes. But the truth is that there are several other things that a realtor can do to get a house sold quickly for top dollar. You want to hire a realtor that uses every tool in their toolbox like social media, videos, direct mail, blogging, etc. The more exposure your property gets, the better your chances will be of getting it sold for the highest amount possible. 

5- Do your listings typically sell for the asking price?

Ask your realtor to show you some of their more recent home sales. Then compare what the original listing price was to the sold price. This is a good indicator of how good the realtor is at pricing homes correctly from the start.

It’s the agent’s job to help you to come up with the listing price. Therefore if the home was priced correctly, there should be no reason why it wouldn’t sell for the asking price or at least very close to it.

6- What’s the best way to reach you?

Let your realtor know that you will be in contact with them often and that you expect them to be easily accessible to you. Find out the most convenient way to keep in touch for both of you is by email or text and make sure that they understand that you would like to be updated on what’s going on with your property regularly.

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