Short Sale With No Hardship

Short Sale With No Hardship – Video Normally, homeowners that are no longer able to continue paying their mortgage are going through some kind of hardship such as job loss, decrease in pay or hours, health issues, divorce, mortgage payment increase, even incarceration. Sometimes.however, people need to sell their home not because of a hardship, […]

Freddie Mac Short Sale News

    Is your mortgage owned by Freddie Mac and you’re struggling to keep your home? Well, if you want to sell in order to avoid having a foreclosure on your record, you may be eligible for Freddie Mac’s recently enhanced short sale.   In case you don’t know, a short sale is when a […]

Banks Can Take Your Assets After Foreclosure!

                    Stop Foreclosure Before It Starts Are you behind on your mortgage and worried that the lender might go after your other assets if your home gets foreclosed on? Unfortunately, it can happen if you live in Florida. This scenario can occur in an instance where […]

Who Makes The Final Decision On An Orlando Short Sale?

Orlando Short Sale Help         Is you mortgage with one of the large banks like Bank of America, Chase or Wells Fargo? You may be surprised to hear that these lenders don’t usually make the decision on whether or not to approve your Orlando short sale.   It’s a common misconception really […]

Orlando Home Values Are In The Eye Of The Beholder

Real Estate Is Not An Exact Science…Not Even Close!              The truth is that there are many variables involved and I’m not just talking about physical variables like granite counter tops and travertine floors. I’m talking about other aspects like the motivations and the desires of both sellers and buyers. […]